Senate President Steve Sweeney Criticizes Gov. Phil Murphy After Signing 2020 NJ Budget

In a press conference after Governor Phil Murphy’s 2020 budget speech, Senate President Steve Sweeney said the NJ legislature gave Murphy a good budget and he’s happy the governor signed that budget. Then he criticized the governor.

In his rejoinder to Governor Phil Murphy’s budget speech, Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) said the legislature gave Murphy a good budget and he’s happy the governor signed that budget.

Sporting a black ironworkers shirt, the leader of the senate also slapped at Murphy, the former Goldman Sachs guy turned progressive Democratic governor.

“The governor doesn’t talk about property taxes because he has no idea to address them,” said Sweeney, who reminded reporters of a $3 to $4 billion deficit by 2023.

“This budget does well for one reason: the expanded corporate business tax,” Sweeney said, referring to his chosen tax. “We vetoed very little.”

Sweeney jabbed some more.

“He took money away from the poor people of Camden who need health care,” the senate president said of the governor, referring to one of Murphy’s $48.5 million cuts. “The governor talks about who’s side he’s on. I’m on the side of the poor people of Camden. It’s unfortunate he took healthcare away from them.”

Then he upped the ante.

“It reminds me of Donald Trump a little bit,” Sweeney said of Murphy’s State Street endzone dance. “He declares victory after he doesn’t get his way.”

He didn’t have any contact with Murphy after the legislature passed their $38.7 billion budget.

“Zero,” he said. “He didn’t want to negotiate.

“This isn’t Goldman Sachs,” he added.

Sweeney seemed content to occupy the center of the debate.

“This is not a progressive state, it’s a moderate state,” he said, as he pointedly noted what he believes is the governor’s mistake to identify public sector workers alone as New Jersey’s middle class.

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  • Lesser False Vampire

    So let me see if I have this right? George Norcross takes $1.1 BILLION dollars meant for Camden and Sweeney is fine with it, but he’s quivering with rage about the fact that Murphy cut $5 million of the budget from Cooper Health, which is a non-tax-paying non-profit that somehow needed $40 million in tax breaks so badly from NJ that it actually lied on its paperwork about moving to Philidelphia?

    I think maybe Sweeney is full of….crap…here.

  • Howard Scho

    The socialist people’s republic of New Jermany is an extreme left wing shit hole.

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