Sweeney Irked by what He Says was NJEA’s ‘Harassment’ of His Son

In a sit down tonight with Montclair University Political Science Professor Brigid Harrison, Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) discussed, among other things, his history-making run for reelection in 2017.

Sweeney revisited some of the bare bones of the District 3 contest, noting that it was “the most expensive legislative race in the history of the country.”

“Not the state,” Sweeney specified. “The country.”

That’s common knowledge.

But what Sweeney next told Harrison is mostly unknown.

“They harassed my son, you know, he’s a member of the NJEA [New Jersey Education Association],” said the senate president, referring to the blowback he said his family suffered as a consequence of the labor union trying to dislodge him – ultimately unsuccessfully – from his senate seat.

Having survived the onslaught, Sweeney went back to Trenton to join a Democratic caucus mostly irritated with the NJEA for having taken a run at their leader.

Ironically, Sweeney’s political antagonist, Governor Phil Murphy, was also said to have hated how his son got dragged into politics earlier this year during the budget season when the Star-Ledger printed a story on his personal troubles.

EDITOR’S NOTE: InsiderNJ co-sponsored the Montclair University event featuring Harrison’s interview with Sweeney.


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