Teachers’ Union Endorses Custis for Camden Mayor

Elton Custis

The Camden Education Association today announced it’s backing Elton Custis for mayor of Camden.

The Camden Education Association, best known as CEA, has over one thousand members that work in the Camden School District, a large part of which reside in the city.

“Elton Custis has been fighting for public education in Camden since before it was fashionable,” said Dr. Keith Benson, president of CEA. “As a Board of Education member, Mr. Custis is often the lone voice in asking the tough questions, seeking truth, and seeking answers. Elton knows how important public education is to our city’s children, and all of our residents.

“We endorsed Mr. Elton Custis because he is a leader, he is thoughtful, and most importantly, he has integrity — and will act on what is right. He is exactly what Camden needs right now,” said Dr. Benson.

“The endorsement and support of the CEA means so much to me,” said Elton Custis. “This organization is my family. We’ve been fighting side-by-side to keep our public schools open, increase state funding, and improve academic achievement.”

Custis was the only member of the Camden City School District Advisory Board to vote against the closure of three public schools — Kramer Elementary, Sharp Elementary and Wiggins College Preparatory Lab School — in March.

CEA is a powerhouse in Camden, with more members than any other local in the city. “He helped our educators, and the Cramer Hill community save Veterans Memorial Family Schools by joining CEA in our walk to Trenton in 2019 to appeal to the State to keep Vets open — that was before he was elected to the Board of the Education,” said Dr. Benson. “His commitment has always been for education and our children.”

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