The William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy at Stockton University Mourns the Death of Carl Golden



The William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy at Stockton University mourns the passing of Carl Golden, who served as the center’s Senior Contributing Analyst since 2010. During that time, he wrote hundreds of insightful columns on behalf of the center analyzing and commenting on state and national politics. His death is a loss not only for the university but for all of New Jersey.

Carl was a brilliant political pundit who gained a great deal of his knowledge in the trenches of New Jersey government, politics, and election campaigns. A former reporter for the Newark News and other newspapers, he was the rare public servant who had served in all three branches of government: staffer for the New Jersey Assembly Republicans as well as former Congressman Peter Frelinghuysen; chief spokesman for Governors Thomas Kean and Christine Todd Whitman; and chief spokesman for state Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Wilentz. He had also run numerous election campaigns, including in New Jersey’s 2nd Legislative District in Atlantic County.

News outlets throughout New Jersey published Carl’s Hughes Center columns analyzing state politics, and his pieces on national issues were syndicated and published in outlets across the United States and even internationally. A moderate Republican, Carl was scrupulously fair as he dished out praise and criticism — with civility — for politicians of both major parties in equal doses. His insights and skill as a quotable pundit earned him a spot in political reporters’ address books for many years.

“Carl was like a baseball umpire in the way he observed politics,” said Alyssa Maurice, interim director of the Hughes Center. “He called it as he saw it without regard for whatever team was in power at the time.”

The Hughes Center is proud of its longtime association with Carl Golden. His contributions helped inform and educate the public about their government.

“There wasn’t a single issue or governmental player in Trenton over the last 50 years that he wasn’t familiar with,” said John Froonjian, former director of the Hughes Center.

Froonjian had worked closely with Carl. As a former Press of Atlantic City Statehouse reporter, Froonjian also covered Golden in his various public roles.

“Carl was a consummate professional. I enjoyed his routine visits to Statehouse offices to make himself available to reporters, not only because you trusted his information but because he always left you laughing,” Froonjian said. “He loved people and never lost sight of the humanity of those in politics, a rare quality.

“He was a perfect match for the Hughes Center because he showed civility even if he disagreed with you. He was a larger-than-life figure with the humility of a small-town reporter. New Jersey has lost a treasure,” Froonjian said.

To view more of Carl Golden’s work with the Hughes Center click here.


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