Township of Irvington Hosts Unforgettable State of the Township Address

On March 15th, the Township of Irvington held its highly anticipated State of the Township Address, an event of distinction. Hosted by Director of Parks and Recreation Donald Malloy, Mayor Tony Vauss, together with Dr. April Vauss, First Lady and Superintendent of Irvington Public Schools, orchestrated a showcase of unity, recognition, and entertainment.

The event, held at the Transcend Worship Center 971 Clinton Ave Irvington, brought together over 1000 residents from all corners of the Township. The atmosphere was electric, with applause and shared excitement filling the air, as Mayor Vauss took the stage. He delivered a State of the Township address with gravitas.

A poignant aspect of the evening included Mayor Vauss’s recognition of the unsung heroes within the Irvington community. As a surprise to the recipients, the Mayor called up individuals who have been working tirelessly to make Irvington a better place. Laughter and tears of joy filled the room as these individuals received awards.

Community Service Awards were given to:

  1. Lady Linda Carlton 
  2. Marilyn Campbell
  3. Mildred Chandler
  4. Pamela Eafford 
  5. Shelly Edwards
  6. Bruce McClamb
  7. Al-Nisa White 
  8. Satava Williams 
  9. Alethea Gibbs

Proclamations for Outstanding Community Service were given to:

Adina Bayou

Jackie Jones 

Nigel Coelho 

The business award went to:

Erik Gianmarco.

The event also featured appearances by, Mayor Ras Baraka of the City of Newark, Mayor Ted Green of the City of East Orange, Mayor Dwayne Warren from the City of Orange Township, New Jersey State Senator Renee Burgess, Assemblywoman Cleopatra Tucker, Assemblywoman Garnet Hall, and so many other elected officials from around the State.

The event featured captivating performances by Andrew Potts Jr., a warm welcome from Pastor Jerry Smith of Transcend Worship Center, and heartfelt prayers from Pastor Brandon Washington and Pastor Steffie Bartley. However, the highlight of the evening came with the appearance of special guest Tisha Campbell, an award-winning actress known for her roles in “School Daze,” “House Party,” “Martin,” and “My Wife and Kids.” Ms. Campbell’s inspirational speech about her upbringing in Essex County and her time living in Irvington, touched the hearts of all attendees, leaving a lasting impact.

In a touching tribute, Mayor Vauss honored the late Municipal Clerk Harold Wiener, who recently passed away. Through a series of videos showcasing the former clerk’s involvement in community service events, the Mayor paid homage to his dedication and commitment to the Township.

Furthermore, Musa Malik, the Business Administrator for the Township of Irvington introduced the council members Jamillah Z. Beasley, Dr. October Hudley, Charnette Frederic, Sean C. Evans, Orlander Glen Vick, Darlene Brown, Vern Cox and municipal directors through engaging videos, providing residents with an unprecedented opportunity to familiarize themselves with the individuals leading the Township’s day-to-day operations.

During his powerful speech, Mayor Vauss highlighted the progress made in ensuring the safety of our community. Since the start of his administration in 2014, homicides have reduced by an extraordinary 70%, robberies by 59.83%, assaults by 59.36%, and burglaries by an astounding 85.01%. These remarkable statistics are a testament to the dedication and hard work of our law enforcement agencies, community organizations, and, most importantly, the residents of Irvington.

However, Mayor Vauss emphasized that the work is far from over. He called upon the community to remain vigilant and continue prioritizing public safety to build a clean and safe environment where everyone can thrive.

In addition to the focus on safety, the Township has implemented groundbreaking initiatives that empower residents to pursue higher education. By offering college degrees within Town Hall, barriers to continuing education are shattered, and every resident is provided with the opportunity to excel. The Mayor stressed that education is the key to success, and the Township remains committed to providing every opportunity for residents to thrive.

The commitment to community support was also highlighted as various programs were established to aid seniors and children. From providing meals for seniors to offering countless recreational activities, the Township is dedicated to caring for its most vulnerable members and fostering a remarkable sense of community support.

The Mayor also promoted 10 outstanding police officers to the rank of Sergeant. This promotion is a testament to his commitment to maintaining a clean and safe township. He believes that these individuals have demonstrated exceptional dedication and leadership qualities, and he is confident that they will continue to serve our community with utmost professionalism and integrity.

Mayor Vauss also addressed the challenges our democracy faces today, emphasizing the importance of exercising our right to vote and standing up against attempts to undermine our values. He called for a united effort to confront the disparities that persist in our society and work towards a more just and equitable community.

The State of the Township Address also showcased the various initiatives implemented to improve the quality of life in Irvington. From summer clean-outs facilitated by dumpster provision to community events like the annual 5K walk/run, the Township is committed to creating a vibrant and healthy community. The opioid awareness event, focused on combating the detrimental effects of the opioid epidemic, serves as an annual reminder of the Township’s dedication to the well-being of its residents.

Under Mayor Vauss’s administration, numerous accomplishments have been achieved, including paving over 100 streets, providing vaccination and testing opportunities during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, implementing a garbage can distribution program, and offering meals to over 60,000 residents. These initiatives demonstrate the Mayor’s unwavering commitment to the well-being and progress of the Township.

Mayor Vauss concluded his address by urging the community to get out and VOTE!


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4 responses to “Township of Irvington Hosts Unforgettable State of the Township Address”

  1. Horrible people who care only about money. God is watching and soon he will fix it right because they all wrong! Preying on the downfalls of children, preying on the downfalls of real community leaders, preying on the needs for their pleasures and treasures that are not wholesome. Time!Time!Time!

  2. I agree on the crime rate reduction. But theres work to be done.
    Fix the outrageous property taxes for new homeowners
    Fix the schools,
    Fix the primary healthcare centers. We have to go to Newark for basically everything . Stop deceiving the public
    As a resident, theres so much to be done than all these jamboree. This is the norm, when elections draw close,they organize events like this for people to believe all is well. Irvington needs to do better

  3. In the meantime our town is dirty and falling apart. Property owners are taking a beating, and our neighborhood is getting flooded with outsiders. We need to address these outsiders coming buying and selling our homes and walking away with leaving people homeless

  4. The vauss administration is a failed leadership!
    As well as the Smith administration before him to the Steel & Bose administration even before that!

    So I’ve been a Irvington resident for a long time and let me tell you the only thing that has changed over the years is the ethnic cleansing of #blackamericans outta Irvington which is majority now African/ Caribbean and Hispanic/ Latino mix while majority of Middle Eastern folks own all the businesses for the last 30 years! Nothing has changed for my people we’re still hurting out here!

    For more information about what I’m speaking about when it comes to black Americans whom descend from chattel slavery exclusively or were freedmen prior to the 1870census!

    Hello! I’d like to invite you to our Space: REPARATIONS : Black American Descendants. It takes less than a minute to join and you’ll also get instant access to our community, #FundItSocially

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