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PHILLY SUBURBS – Executive order.

Gov. Phil Murphy has used it, will continue to use it – “just like Barack Obama did,” someone says, without any irony.

The difference, of course, is that Obama had a Republican Majority; while Murphy – Murphy’s a Democrat with a Democratic majority.

But it’s the New Jersey Democratic Party.

And the Obama invocation is useful, apparently.

It’s an observation made on Car 11 by an insider opining on the state of the state right now, in advance of Murphy’s address later at the Chamber of Commerce Dinner.

The mood is one of playful nefarious anarchy under the guise of adult-in-the-room watchfulness in the reign of a new governor who ran on a liberal agenda in a majority party already resistant to marijuana legalization, the millionaire’s tax and jittery about $15 minimum wage, all hallmarks of Murphy’s 2017 gubernatorial campaign.


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