Trump Loyalist Stone Bets on Norcross

Longtime Donald Trump political adviser and loyalist Roger Stone says he’s betting on South Jersey Democratic Power Broker George Norcross III to ultimately out-duel Governor Phil Murphy.

“My money’s on Norcross,” wrote Stone in a Facebook comment in response to an piece about the boss’ effort to testify to the legislature. “straight shooter. Retired from politics many years ago.”

Stone’s fighting a federal indictment that “alleges he took steps to interfere with investigations into the Russian government’s role in the 2016 presidential election.”

Stone once served as senior adviser in New Jersey to both of Kean’s campaigns for governor.

“This was my first major statewide consulting gig on my own, so I virtually lived in New Jersey,” Stone told Matt Katz in a 2016 NJ Spotlight piece.

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  • Valerie

    This explains the cyber hacks and missing emails and negative seo coding and other hidden links. Norcross teamed with trump and Christie and they hijacked America

  • Valerie

    Norcross is a cyber criminal. He has hired trolls paid to hack illegally into your private information this is a serious crime. Investigate the social media money Norcross invested in courier post and

  • Valerie

    Now we know who is behind the cyber trolling outside of America. Norcross acted as a DATA Broker and stole private peoples information and sold it to foreign countries. Norcross and his daughter Lexie placed people on pornographic sites of the internet

  • Valerie

    Nobody wants to hear Norcross and his Rhetoric. You sold out NJ and America. Norcross is an an unregistered foreign agent and Data broker who hacked into private emails, bank accounts, and smart phones.
    We know for a fact that Norcross has been hacking into American citizens private information illegally

  • Valerie

    Norcross helped Stone jack into the Democratic emails. Norcross and his family are crooked. They can not be trusted they play both sides to enrich their own personal lives. The Democratic Party should have tossed him out and nobody in any party should trust this slime ball is his brother Donald who use people to get information and twist it around. The Norcross family is dirty and ruthless

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