Despite Racist Tweets, Trump Reelection Fundraiser in Bedminster Should Draw the Same Crowd

Former EPA Regional Administrator Alan J. Steinberg wonders if former Gov. Chris Christie would be a good choice after President Donald Trump passed over Congressman John Ratcliffe for the position of Director of National Intelligence.

It was an eventful weekend for Donald Trump, launching a “Twitter war” and facing instant condemnation for saying four Democratic congresswoman should return from where they came.

Of course, three of them were born in the United States. As we have seen before, accuracy and command of the facts often take a backseat to bigoted innuendo.

The political relevance here is that the president plans a reelection fundraiser this week at his New Jersey golf club in Bedminster.

An invite on behalf of the Trump-Pence team invites supporters to Trump National for an “event with Donald J. Trump” beginning this Friday at 5 p.m.

A mere $1,000 gets you to the reception. For $5,600, you can attend a VIP reception. The invite doesn’t explain the difference between the two. Write a check for $25,000 and you get a photo.

For $100,000, the donor gets to take part in a “roundtable” along with a photo and a VIP reception.

Trump is hardly popular in New Jersey.  Still, the guess here is that many loyalists will attend. And sadly, many probably will not be bothered by the president’s less than elegant tweet about congresswoman with whom he disagrees.

As some know, Trump’s golf club is located on Lamington Road, which intersects with Route 206 a few miles to the east.

The Bedminster Library, whose property extends to the intersection, periodically is the scene of pro-and-con Trump demonstrations. Those who regularly drive through the area may have seen them.

Given the fact there’s nothing as splendid as democracy in action, one should not be surprised to see more of the same this Friday evening.

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8 responses to “Despite Racist Tweets, Trump Reelection Fundraiser in Bedminster Should Draw the Same Crowd”

  1. Each of those Congress’ladies’ claim greater allegiance to their cultural identity or country of origin (or affinity.) They all appear to hate the USA, it’s systems and the vast majority of our peoples. I hope they keep it up… it’ll wear well through the election season.

  2. Perhaps the cultists can discuss where to locate a gulag and how to go about rounding up dissenters.

  3. LOL….as NJ swirls down the drain…republican led states thrive. Democrat led states like CT, NJ, DE, RI, IL, CA, NY… are all pushing towards bankruptcy…. Next recession….these DEMOCRAT RUN STATES WILL DEFAULT!
    what an idiotic article.

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