At Virtual Town Hall, Malinowski Addresses Desecration of the Capitol


Tom Malinowski says it makes no difference why people were rallying in Washington on Jan. 6.

“I don’t think anybody should have been there,” the congressman said today during a virtual meeting with constituents.

That’s because, he said, the intent of the rally was to overturn a democratic election.

This is not merely an academic issue.

A brouhaha of sorts has popped up over the attendance of Susan Soloway, the commission (formerly freeholder) director in Hunterdon County.

A petition has been put together urging her to resign. Soloway has not done so and has gotten support from her Republican colleagues on the board.

A questioner today didn’t mention Soloway by name, but generally asked what Malinowski thought about elected officials at the D.C, rally, which morphed into a mob storming the Capitol.

The congressman said he knew where the questioner “was going,” although no specific names were mentioned. He didn’t comment on the need for a resignation, but said people can show their sentiments at the ballot box.

Soloway has said she attended only the rally and was not involved in the riot. She also has said that during a bus ride to Washington, she joined with others in prayer for the nation and its leaders.

Malinowski also spoke about reports some House members may have instigated or supported the rioters in advance, a point made by New Jersey House colleague Mikie Sherrill.

“If that were true, I would hope the House would take action,” he said.

On a somewhat less contentious matter, Malinowski said he hopes that now with Democrats controlling the federal government, there finally may be pandemic-related aid for towns and school districts.

This has been a major issue for some time for Gov. Phil Murphy.

Malinowski said the key difference is that now-Minority Leader Mitch McConnell can no longer simply block the Senate from voting on this and similar issues.

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