WATCH: In CD11, Helo Pilot Sherrill Leans on WWII Bomber Pilot Grandfather as She Condemns Nazism

Mikie Sherrill, a Democratic candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 11th District, today released her first campaign video, which highlights her story and features footage of the vaunted Sea King helicopter that she piloted in the Navy.

Sherrill spent 10 years on active duty flying missions throughout Europe and the Middle East. She subsequently earned her law degree from Georgetown University and eventually joined the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New Jersey. In her video, Sherrill highlights her family’s history of service, including her grandfather’s WWII bomber piloting, and jabs at the GOP when she invokes the older generation’s absolute refusal to equivocate on the question of Nazis.

“See, for my grandfather, there was never blame on ‘both sides,'” Sherrill says in the ad, hearkening to President Donald J. Trump’s much criticized summertime assessment of clashes in Charlottesville that resulted in the murder of an anti-Nazi protester.

“The Nazis were in the wrong. Period,” the Democrat from Montclair says in the ad, as she prepareps for her 2018 challenge of House Appropriations Chairman Rodney Frelinghuysen. Politics watchers consider Sherrill a longshot against an incumbent who served as an engineer in Vietnam and whose family goes back to proud Revolutionary War service. Trump won the district by less than one percent, however, and Sherrill sees Frelinghuysen as beatable after 22 years in Congress. Stumbles by the Republican, including his stubborn refusal to hold town halls and his decision to make a heat-seeking phone call to the brass of a bank that employed a woman organizing against him, make even fellow Republicans conclude that CD11 is a 2018 race to watch. At the end of June, Frelinghuysen had nearly a million in the bank ($979,598) to Sherrill’s $195,347.

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2 responses to “WATCH: In CD11, Helo Pilot Sherrill Leans on WWII Bomber Pilot Grandfather as She Condemns Nazism”

  1. Maybe, next, she’ll courageously condemn commies — you know, the ones who were shooting at Frelinghuysen’s fellow Americans in Viet Nam while he served there? — and politely suggest to the people holding protests in front of his Congressional office that they NOT chant direct quotes from the Communist Manifesto?

    • Your comments make zero sense to the working people of New Jersey. As a sitting Assemblyman I would think you got more important things to do in the middle of a work day than worry about a political ad.

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