WATCH: Webber Goes After Ghee After CD11 Rival Ducks Question About Prez Contest Voting (VIDEO)

And so it begins.

Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-26) jumped on Tony Ghee’s refusal today at a Passaic GOP Committee


Screening to answer a question about whom he voted for in the last three presidential elections. Ghee, who last week entered the CD11 contest as a Republican, said as a soldier he wants all presidents to succeed, and ducked the question.

“As a soldier, we learned a long time ago that he want all presidents to succeed,” said Ghee. “It doesn’t matter who your president is, we want every president to succeed, whether it’s President Trump, whether it’s President Obama, President Bush, President Clinton. I want them to succeed, period.

“I’ve never voted straight party line,” he added.


Webber pounced.

“I think we know what the answer is,” said the assemblyman, a movement conservative. “The answer is he voted for Obama, Obama and Clinton. Not only is he liberal but he’s not forthcoming about it.

“He’s running to be the Republican nominee for Congress,” Webber added. “It is relevant to a congressional candidate in a congressional primary. He is a candidate for Congress, and it’s just an absurd statement. In the army, fine – but you’re not running for major in the U.S. Army, you don’t get to hide behind the uniform when you’re running for Congress. DO I respect his service? Yes, of course. But in not answering the question he answered the question: Obama, Obama and Clinton.”



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