Wife of Paterson Councilman Luis Velez Alleges He Physically Harmed Her

Paterson's 5th Ward Councilman Luis Velez was arrested outside of a council meeting in Paterson, NJ, for allegedly violating a restraining order that was taken out against him by his wife.

The wife of Paterson 5th Ward Councilman Luiz Velez this morning on Facebook alleged that her husband caused her bodily harm.

“He did this to me,” wrote Evelyn RA Sanchez, and showed a picture of a leg in a cast.

Here is the a.m. post:

The councilman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Velez lost his stepson last year in an automobile accident.

He was the son of Evelyn Sanchez.

InsiderNJ spoke to Sanchez this afternoon, and she confirmed that she posted the picture on her Facebook page.

She said that she and the councilman got into a fight.

“I hit him and he hit me,” Sanchez said.

He filed charges against her, and she counter-charged, she explained.

Velez’s attorney, Michael DeMarco, gave a statement to InsiderNJ.

“Councilman Velez looks forward to his day in court where he will prove he was the victim in this unfortunate incident,” DeMarco said. “He will neither try this case nor discuss his family business in the press.”

Updated: On April 16th, Councilman Velez was arrested for allegedly violating a restraining order; he was issued a summons and released. 

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  1. There’s always 3 sides to a disputed story …. His , hers and the truth! Let’s get ready to RUMBLE…..!!!

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