When Will Gottheimer Denounce Democrat Party Behaviors?

Josh Gottheimer’s refusal to speak out against the deplorable behavior of the Democratic Party has served to remind me as to one of the primary reasons why I’m running for Congress in New Jersey’s District 5: it’s for our families.
As a husband and a father of two college-aged daughters, over the last several weeks I couldn’t help but notice that Gottheimer refused to speak out against any members of his party or against any of the media elite that have mistreated women. I have to ask, where was Gottheimer’s voice, the man who campaigned on Jersey Values. Is it a Jersey value to sit silently as our mothers, sisters, daughters are mistreated by sexual bullies? Why would he be silent?
Recently the Deputy Chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Keith Ellison, tweeted his support for the violent anti-American Antifa movement. This group, which formed out of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, has openly embraced violence as a means and method to overthrow the American system. And yet again, Gottheimer has remained silent. Why?
My family has directly experienced the violence of groups like these.  In the early 1980s, during an armored car robbery, my father was shot by a member of one of these radical left-wing groups like Antifa. My father survived the gun fight but the residual effects on my family reverberate today. The difference between then and now is that in the 1970s and 1980s groups like this were considered radical and out of the mainstream. Ellison’s tweet and Gotteimer’s silence (or any other Democrat for that matter) is an indication that the Democrats now embrace violence as an acceptable method in American politics.
As a Clinton disciple, Gottheimer knows his silence means acceptance in the court of public opinion. For example, when a popular diner was defaced with anti-Semitic messages, Gotheimer correctly spoke out against it. So, why doesn’t he speak out now when it concerns the mistreatment of women or the leadership of his party condoning violent groups?
For me, this race is personal. There is no room for hate, intolerance and violence in our communities. Through his silence Gottheimer has signaled that there is and that is not acceptable.
John McCann is a Republican candidate for Congress in the Fifth District.
Photo Attached: At the scene, McCann’s father, a Brinks Security Guard, identifies the shooter. 
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  1. Gottheimer will not point fingers at any fellow Democrats. He may remark against violence in general but that means nothing at all. This is just another case of Democrat power over principle since many of them are Democrats and will vote against them if Gottheimer speaks up. No spine.

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