In Budget Address, Murphy can’t Resist a Subtle Dig

Phil Murphy is a soccer fan and as such, he is already looking forward to July 19, 2026 – the day the World Cup final will be played at MetLife Stadium.

By then, he will no longer be governor, so Murphy will need to be content with proclaiming again – and again – why New Jersey was chosen to host the final, beating out, among other locales, Dallas.

A budget address, technically, is about facts and figures. That is important stuff to be sure, but it’s also a bit on the dry side.

The governor began talking about a budget that helps the “middle class” and “working families,” highlighting continuation this year of the Anchor property tax relief program, an increase of nearly a billion dollars in school funding statewide and a record contribution (by recent standards) into the state pension system.

All this is to be expected in a budget address.

But near the end of his remarks Tuesday afternoon, Murphy looked further ahead than fiscal year 2025, which runs from July 1 to June 30 of next year.

He talked about the World Cup final and the other matches to be played in the Meadowlands two years hence.

New Jersey’s selection to host the final has – not surprisingly – produced some snarky comments about New Jersey itself and the location of the stadium – in a swamp.

That may have prompted Murphy to deviate from budget numbers and tell his audience why New Jersey was selected to host the world’s premier sporting event.

He rattled off what he said were “obvious” things about location, a good transportation system and a good work force.

“But great as those things are — there is more to the story,” he said.

“New Jersey was chosen for the World Cup Final not only because of what we have — but because of who we are. We were chosen because of our values. Our inclusivity. Our diversity throughout the entire region.”

He wasn’t done yet.

“New Jersey — along with our partners in New York City — was chosen because of our unflagging belief in fairness and freedom for everyone. No matter who you are, how you identify, where you came from, or who you pray to.”

This was an interesting take. For seven years now, the governor has been talking about making the state “stronger and fairer.”

He did it again throughout his budget address.

But when he got around to soccer, he argued, quite proudly, that the philosophy and goals of his administration are why New Jersey is hosting the World Cup final.

He said it is that spirit that prompts New Jersey to “open our doors to anyone who is willing to step up and contribute to our shared future.”

As he spoke about the World Cup, Murphy couldn’t resist a subtle – or perhaps not so subtle – dig at Texas, the state New Jersey beat out to host the final.

“We were chosen because, here in New Jersey, we do not build walls — we open doors.”

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2 responses to “In Budget Address, Murphy can’t Resist a Subtle Dig”

  1. A budget that helps the “middle class” and “working families”, increased school budget by nearly a billion dollars in school funding statewide, pouring money into horrible NJ Transit. Of course, never accountability when there is no improvement.

    He’s going to do this without raising taxes?
    Right! Believe this and I’ll sell you a bridge.

    This budget is more than some countries.

  2. Governor Phil KNUCKLEHEAD Murphy would be better off cutting off the $4 BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR he gives to illegal aliens in New Jersey, and cutting the property taxes of NJ by more than 50% in what is euphemistically called the “STAY NJ PROPERTY TAX RELIEF”. Under STAY NJ, eligible seniors with a gross income under $500,000 will receive a credit of 50 percent on the annual property tax bill for their principal residence, up to $6,500.. Murphy and the Democrats were pushing the program to cut property taxes prior to the election, but not a word spoken of it after the election. They say a report is due out on it in May of 2024.

    Let’s look at what the Democrats are saying out of both sides of their mouths. First, the amount was going to be $10,000 per year in property tax relief, but Murphy flew off the handle and said that was too much!!! Really???? Then the administration settled on $6,500 per year. Based on the math, it would cost the NJ Government $1.3 BILLION DOLLARS/YEAR @ $6,500 per year. It would have cost $2 BILLION/YEAR @ $10,000 per year. You mean to tell me that Murphy and his lackeys couldn’t find another $700 MILLION DOLLARS/YEAR somewhere–after raising the budget to astronomical amounts over $52 BILLION/YEAR???? Since Murphy took office 7 years ago, he’s almost doubled the budget from Gov. Chris Christie’s $28 BILLION DOLLAR BUDGET!!! Nothing has changed, except the excessive increase in the budget. So, the rhetorical question–where has all the money gone and there’s been no new programs or fixing of the state’s infrastructure and roads????

    Speaking of roads, where did the $2 BILLION/YEAR go from the gasoline taxes???? The roads are still like a moonscape in New Jersey, but there’s nary a word about where the $2 BILLION/Year has gone. Maybe it’s time to take the $2 BILLION/Year from the gasoline taxes and apply them to $10,000/YEAR in senior property tax relief.

    Or, better yet, take the $4 BILLION DOLLARS/YEAR we give illegal aliens for free education, free healthcare, free housing, free legal services, free food stamps, free cash ($6,000/month per illegal), and apply it towards $10,000/YEAR in property tax relief under STAY NJ. We could easily use $2 BILLION/YEAR of that money to give seniors a $10,000/Year property tax break, and then apply the other $2 BILLION/YEAR remaining from paying illegals, and start giving every other homeowner a significant property tax break each and every year.

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