Caba Running for Mayor of Perth Amboy


Councilman Helmin J. Caba will run for Mayor of Perth Amboy on Nov. 3, pledging to end “turbulence in City Hall,” provide no-nonsense leadership, and sensible solutions for his community’s most crucial concerns.

Caba, also the city’s Democratic chairman, said: “It is time to make new investments in our community and provide real solutions for our city’s most important issues: Fiscal responsibility,  quality-of-life, public safety, infrastructure, and economic vitality.”

Making his announcement today on social media, Caba said City Council candidates Rose Brion Morales and Bienvenido “BJ” Torres Jr., will join his “2020 Vision for Perth Amboy” team. “Rose and BJ have innovative, progressive ideas to move our city forward,” he said.

“Perth Amboy is blessed with many wonderful amenities: A great location, tremendous resources, and a solid workforce,” but Caba said, “these valuable resources have been underused and undeveloped for too long. Worse, they have been exploited for political agendas and personal gains.”

City Hall “has been plagued for 30 years, first by corruption, and for the past dozen years by divisiveness, turbulence, neglect and instability,” Caba said. “Weak leadership has put obstacles in our city’s path to progress. It has diminished our quality-of-life and smeared our great city with a poor reputation.”

“That must finally end,” said Caba, pledging his “2020 Vision for Perth Amboy” team would “chart a strong, sensible new pathway to success” to benefit the people who live, work and own local businesses.

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    New Jersey is part of America not GERMANY. Get your priorities Straight.

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