CD7 Democratic Challenger Malinowski Formally Opens his Main Headquarters with Pallone


MARTINSVILLE – Running for Congress in the 7th District against incumbent U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance (R-7), Democrat Tom Malinowski opened his campaign headquarters here this afternoon surrounded by well wishers, including U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-6).

“We need Leonard Lance out of there, we need a Democratic majority,” Pallone said to cheers.

A former Assistant secretary of state under President Barack Obama, Malinowski said, “All those things we think are normal are actually incredibly precious in this world, and that’s why we have to fight to defend them.”

Without Mentioning the name of President Donald J. Trump, Malinowski added, “We’re not going to let him define who it is we are as a people.”

He’ll fight to protect the Affordable Care Act.

“Lance voted 60 times to repeal it,” the candidate said. “I will defend Social Security and Medicare,” adding, “Congressman Pallone, I will fight to repeal that tax bill.”

He slapped at Lance for changing his positions on some key issues.

“The Leonard has been trying to change its spots recently,” Malinowski said. “Running to the right when you’re scared of the Tea Party and then shifting to the left when you’re scared of all of us. He had his chance when his party was whittling away at the Affordable Care Act year after year.”

Lance had his chance to stand up to the meanness of his party’s leadership and didn’t, the Democrat charged.

The event was well-attended up here in the hills of Bridgewater.

Attendees included Lisa Mandelblatt, vanquished by Malinowski in the pre-primary season, Clinton Town Mayor Janice Kovach, Warren County Democratic Committee Chair Tom Palmieri, Morris County Democratic Committee Chairman Chip Robinson, Hunterdon County Democratic Committee Chair Arlene Quinones Perez, Somerset County Democratic Committee Executive Director Max Blum, Somerset Dems diehard Mike Goldberg, Edison Democratic Committee Chairman Shariq Ahmed, Franklin Twp. Deputy Mayor Shanel Robinson, Bernardsville School Board Member Sara Sooy, the candidate’s mother, and many others, including numerous millenial allies.

The cookout event spilled into the parking lot and a manned grill.

Robinson and Sooy are running this year for two freeholder seats on the Somerset County Democratic Party ticket. – motivated by the controversial leadership of Republican Trump.

From left: Robinson, Blum and Sooy.

Malinowski wants to knock off ten-year incumbent Lance.

Earlier this week, the Republican congressman picked up the support of the Building Trades as he strives to smother Malinowski with a record notable for some key cut outs from Trump’s agenda. But the presumed challenger (he still needs to get through a Democratic Primary against Goutam Jois and Peter Jacob) showed some grassroots energy here this afternoon in addition to those long slaked ranks of the Democratic Party establishment.

From left: Quinones Perez, Palmieri, and Kovach.
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  1. I’m waiting for Leonard Lance to condemn Trump’s and Sessions’ deliberate separation of children from their parents at the border.

    They tell mothers they’re going to give the little ones “showers.” Yeah, just like the Nazis did 75 years ago. As with the Nazis, the mothers haven’t seen their kids since.

    This isn’t the America I know.

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