Coup d’etat-Alert: DiGaetano Rebukes Rendo in Palace Intrigue-Laden Email

Embattled Bergen County GOP Committee Chairman Paul DiGaetano today denied Woodcliff Lakes Mayor Carlos Rendo’s request for use of Bergen County Republican Organization (BCRO) HQ for a meeting, deeming Rendo’s use of the facility – apparently ostensibly a staging area to get rid of DiGaetano – “inappropriate.”

“While you did not make any request for the use of BCRO headquarters to me or to the BCRO Executive Director, our BCRO Sergeant at Arms, Ray Herr expressed to me your desire to use the BCRO facilities for a Mar 6 meeting of your Committee shortly after the County Committee meeting last evening,” DiGaetano wrote to Rendo. 

Rendo ran unsuccessfully on a ticket for LG last year with Republican nominee for Governor Kim Guadagno and has since undertaken a friendly party-building role in the ruins otherwise known as the once-proud BCRO.

Himself a failed candidate for senate in district 40 last year, DiGaetano put the kibosh on Rendo. 

“The BCRO facilities are not available for use by your Committee because The Committee which you have convened is not a committee organized within the BCRO, nor is it organized under the auspices of the BCRO,” he wrote. 

Then the GOP chair cut to the quick of it, noting that one of the stated purposes of the Woodcliff Lakes mayor’s most recent Committee meeting in Woodcliff Lake was to review possible candidates for County Chair.

One candidate, in fact, has stepped forward in recent days – attorney Fernando Alonso; while the name of DiGaetano ally Jack Zisa continues to circulate as a possible baton recipient from the wobbly chair.

“I have also been informed that Sen. Cardinale admonished the assembled Committee during that meeting that it is solely within the purview of the elected and duly appointed County Committee Members to elect a County Chair as provided under NJ State Law, specifically, Title 19,” DiGaetano admonished. “The process of nominating the Chairperson and other BCRO officers will officially commence when the Nominating Committee issues its report at the April meeting. Accordingly, your Committee’s intervention in this process might be construed as acting to usurp the authority of the duly elected and seated County Committee members.” 

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One response to “Coup d’etat-Alert: DiGaetano Rebukes Rendo in Palace Intrigue-Laden Email”

  1. The BCRO needs a total makeover that I’m not sure Queer Eye for the Straight Guy could even do! How about sell that disgusting morgue on Main St and get a nice suite in a Paramus office park. Also how about acknowledging the county is 40% non-white and not repulse them and any woman younger than 70 who tries to join. Frankly I think I’d give Carlos/Alonso a shot over some guy who was in office 20 years ago!

    Also renaming it “Republican Committee of Bergen County” like Stellato did with the Ds might make sense.

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