Flags 4 Fallen to Honor the Memory of Adriana Kuch

Friends in Indiana moved by the story of the late Adriana Kuch of Bayville will undertake a run in

Richard Clark

her honor, bearing a dedicated American Flag across the finish lines of three races in three states.

“With Adriana’s father’s blessing, the group Flags 4 Fallen is planning a tribute this spring/summer to honor Adriana,” Richard Clark, founder of the Midwest-based organization, told InsiderNJ.

A U.S. Army veteran paratrooper, Clark routinely carries the American Flag in the name of young people who departed this life too soon.

This time, his organization chose Adriana Kuch.

On 5/20/23, Flags 4 Fallen will carry a full-size American Flag in memory of Adriana across the finish line of the Cops and Robbers 5K in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

After the race, the flag will travel 850 miles by mail to the family of Conrad Roy (pictured, above, beside Adriana) in Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

Mr. Roy died in 2014.

Conrad Roy’s aunt will carry Adriana Kuch’s flag across the finish line of the Father’s Day Road Race 5K on 6/18/23.

Then the flag will travel 290 miles by mail to Bayville, where Adriana Kuch’s father, Michael Kuch, and her family, will select a race and the flag will cross a third finish line.

“Three finish lines in three different states. 1140 miles for one reason – keeping Adriana’s memory alive,” said Richard Clark.

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  1. I am so touched by the wonderful thoughtful gesture to carry Adriana’s memory. So very sad she left us, I pray she is looking down from Heaven with a smile on her face for what you are doing.

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