Garces in the Ironbound on Election Day: ‘It Starts with Having Granite’ (with VIDEO)

NEWARK – Voters hadn’t lit up the Ironbound on Election Day as of early afternoon, but win or lose, high turnout or low, School Board challenger Priscilla Garces wanted to inspire and lift up the children of the district with her historic candidacy.

Visually impaired since child birth, Garces is running to improve the Newark Schools, which she attended.

“If you want to make history, you should work hard and have a strong determination,” she said, directly addressing the children of Newark. “If it weren’t for the support of my friends and family, I wouldn’t be able to do this. It all starts from the family, home, and support you receive.

“It starts too,” she added, “with having granite.”

InsiderNJ found Garces between events with her campaign team as they prepared to make the late push to connect with voters in a contest with 11 candidates, including a formidable unity ticket backed by city hall and the North Ward.

From left, above, the team includes, Louis Gonzalez, Elizabeth Cano, Priscilla Garces, Maria Garces, and Nicholas Garces.

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