Hermansen V. Yudin: Bergen GOP Facebook Fight Gets Ugly

The internecine ugliness in the Bergen GOP penetrated the lower depths this week, with Facebook the latest battleground and Mahwah Councilman Robert Hermansen and Susan Yudin, wife of former Bergen County Republican Chairman Bob Yudin the latest combatants, a local synagogue citing issue renewing bucket-loads of bad blood between them.

“Susan, you were always an ugly woman,” Hermansen wrote to Yudin in a private message, against the backdrop of a divided party organization, a sulfuric LD40 Primary, and another developing primary in CD5.

“Now your comments match your appearance,” he added.

Hermansen, council president in Mahwah, was unapologetic when contacted by InsiderNJ, and adamantly made the case that the former chair’s wife started the fight. “She made a despicable comment,” said the former Bergen County Freeholder, referring to Yudin’s comment on a Facebook page that features Hermansen with a Hitler-like moustache.

“If the shoe fits,” Yudin wrote, infuriating the councilman.

“I paraphrased Winston Churchill,” Hermansen offered in explanation of his remark to the former chair’s wife.

The quote by the English bulldog prime minister is: “My dear, you are ugly. But tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be ugly.”

Yudin, whose husband lost the chairmanship last year to former Assemblyman Paul DiGaetano, was unamused.

“Mr Hermansen’s response to my post which said ‘I guess they should change the wording on the sign…’ seems inappropriate,” she said in a Facebook post of her own. “Especially since I am old enough to be his mother. Is this his way of silencing those who disagree with him?”

Yudin told InsiderNJ that the agenda for an upcoming Mahwah council meeting – against the backdrop of a New York synagogue at Mahwah’s doorstep – contains a discussion about required “badges and arm bands” in the public parks, which offended Yudin.

“They only want to keep certain people out of the parks,” she said.

But it was specifically the Hitler likeness that sparked the collision.

“I was arguing with Hermansen about an idea, and he got into personalities,” Yudin insisted. “I’m sure he was brought up better. What he said was very hurtful, and I decided I don’t want him to get away with this. Other people may get called names or take that and remain silent about it, but I won’t. Someone like this should not be the council president of the town council in Mahwah.

“As far as someone putting a moustache on his face – the shoe does fit,” Yudin added. “How can he insult people time and again and get away with it?”


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14 responses to “Hermansen V. Yudin: Bergen GOP Facebook Fight Gets Ugly”

  1. Well, Susan my parents did teach me not to lie also, unfortunetly not something that I see you learned. I sent the response to you @ 7:54 Sept. 14th after you commented on a picture that was being circulated to a group that you were part of, putting a Hitler mustache on me. Your comment was if the shoe fits… It was a despicable ugly comment made by a despicable person. Then you tried to change it to make it look like I made the comment from the post about the sign you sent to me at the end of August. You are a liar. I have the screen shot of what I sent and when. The fact you took off the date and tried to sell this as I had made this off another comment shows just the type of person you are. You are damn straight I was raised better and it shows what you did. You posted your comment on a public thread to try and embarrass me. I sent you an iMessage letting you know that your comment was as vile as you. Now you try and slander me for making a comment on something I never commented on. A synonym for ugly is dishonerable. I believe you just proved my response to you to be quite accurate. You are an ugly woman with not only your response but then your actions of trying to slander me on Facebook and in this article. Your family should be so proud of you.

    • I find your response to this drama way more disappointing than the allegation. An adult, councilman even, should have better things to do than engage in discourse like this. I’m equally as disappointed in Susan Yudin. I’d be shocked if you’ve never lied or said anything vile in your life Mr. Hermansen, and I don’t think that makes you a vile person at heart. Also immensely disappointed in any publication that feels the need to spread this drama.

    • Don’t take the bait. Just stayed focused in the council meetings as you have been and let them grab their quotes from that forum.

  2. Is this guy really a public official? I guess I’m starting to understand that there really are people out there who voted for Trump. Maybe he can take over in a week or two as the next Press Secretary, with his personality he’ll fit right in!

  3. Rob Hermansen writes: “A synonym for ugly is dishonerable.”

    So what you meant was “Susan, you were always a dishonorable woman now your comments match your appearance”?

    Aha… OK Winston. 👌

    I get it. With Donald Trump as a political role model the lowest bars are now subterranean.

  4. So Mr. Hermansen feels that the picture of him with a “hitler” mustache was inappropriate? How do you then defend trying to pass an ordinance in your town stating that you want residents to wear armbands and badges as they walkabout? First thing that comes to mind are the Nazi armbands depicting the swastika. You, Mr. Hermansen, are despicable.

  5. I guess Ms. King you have an issue with every town in South Jersey that hands out badges to use their beaches.

    • Anyone can come and Pay to use the beaches. I have a problem with you passing a law that ONLY Residents wearing armbands are allowed to use your parks. Did Mahwah receive state or federal funds or grants to build those parks? Will you be charging the residents of Mahwah to receive the armbands and badges in order to use the facilities? What will you be doing with said money if money is exchanging hands? Will it be used for the upkeep of the parks the same way it is used in “south Jersey at the beaches?” Maybe you should think things through before you say them or put them in print.

  6. Wait …. So it started with her. She basically called him Hitler and that’s ok? Why? Pot calling the kettle black here. Oh and at the same time she put up a derogatory post about Mahwah? ….. and again… that’s OK? Ugh.

    • SHE did not call him anything. Mr. Hermansen again is perpetuating his version of things. Who scribbled the mustache on the his picture is unknown. Susan’s comments of “if the shoe fits?” were in reference to the well known image of Hitler and his famous stache. And what is derogatory about saying Mahwah should be more inclusive?

      • I’m really not sure why you feel the need to capitalize pronouns….
        So you say the scribbler is unknown and Mr. Hermansen says it is know. Unless you are a party involved in the incident (are you?) how can you say that with such authority? So again, you believe that Mr. Yudin should get a free pass to liken someone to Hitler? How is that ok? If Mr. Hermansen had said that about Mrs. Yudin would that have been ok? I find hypocrisy very unbecoming. It can’t be ok for someone to be able to slander someone, but then when someone shoots back at them(verbally of course) it’s not ok. You can’t have it both ways.
        What is derogatory about saying Mahwah should be more inclusive? It’s an insult and speaks negative about our town implying we are restrictive. Some quick stats: Wyckoff NJ (your town) ..14 churches and 1 synagogue‎. Mahwah NJ…12 churches, 1 synagogue, 1 kingdom hall and 1 hindu temple.
        Again…pot calling the kettle black.

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