Joshi out of the Mayor’s Screening in Edison

Sam Joshi is no longer screening with the Edison Democratic Committee for mayor of Edison.

“After careful consideration and extensive thought, I have decided at this time to not screen (internal convention vote) for Mayor with the 156 Democratic Committee Members.

“The lack of transparency, none to limited information, and the absence of rules and regulations surrounding the Mayoral screening process, the screening process for Mayor was at best, difficult.

“The process was further complicated due to the fact that the Chairman of our organization, who controls the information flow, all the contact lists and the establishment of rules and regulations, is himself running for Mayor.

“The committee people of our organization and residents of Edison deserve far better.”



Langford out of the Atlantic City Mayoral Contest

Lorenzo Langford, formerly the mayor of Atlantic City, won’t run for mayor this year against incumbent Mayor Marty Small.


Duran Supplants Klapper as Booker COS

Veronica Duran has replaced Matt Klapper as U.S. Senator Cory Booker’s chief-of-staff.


MetLife Moot

It’s a little late for this news now, but if the Giants slipped into the NFL playoffs, fans likely would have been allowed at MetLife Stadium.
“We’ve shown a willingness to do that,” Gov. Phil Murphy said today, referencing talks the state had with the Giants in late December.
This proposal became academic when the Giants didn’t make the playoffs, which allowed the governor to do what he enjoys doing – comment about sports.
“If the Eagles had played 60 minutes,,” the plan may have been implemented, Murphy said.
As of now, pandemic restrictions prohibit fans from attending professional sporting events in New Jersey.
For non-football fans, the Giants, notwithstanding a less than sparkling 6-10 record, would have qualified for the playoffs if the Philadelphia Eagles beat Washington the last day of the season. But the Eagles lost that game, possibly because they took their starting quarterback out of the game in the second half. That explained the governor’s quip about the Eagles not playing 60 minutes.
So, Washington won the game and made the playoffs.
That also eliminated the Giants from the post-season and made talk of fans watching football at MetLife moot. At least for the 2020 season.

Pandya Denies Hahn Allegation

In response to Keith Hahn’s Facebook live post, Dr. Raj Pandya said he categorically denies any meeting with Keith Hahn “recently and offering anything in exchange of any kind to Hahn.”

According to Pandya:  “Keith Hahn has repeatedly called Dr.Raj Pandya and Yash Pandya for their support, financial and personal, in support for his bid for Mayor of Edison and to have Yash Pandya on his ticket for Councilman for Edison.

“Dr. Raj Pandya had declined all such support or attempts for his son to run together with Keith Hahn on one ticket.”


Singleton Legislation to Prevent Predatory Foreclosure Investments Advances

 The Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee today advanced legislation sponsored by Senator Troy Singleton that would protect homeowners in foreclosure from an excessively low intervening offer.
Under current law, someone with an interest in a foreclosed property that is for sale at a tax sale is only required to pay nominal consideration for their interest in the property, which is not defined by current law.
The bill, S.3373, would amend current law to prohibit any individual interested in purchasing a foreclosed property at an offer that is less than the fair market value. The bill will change tax lien laws to ensure that someone who has an interest in a property under foreclosure pays at least fair market value for that interest in order to acquire the property at a tax sale.
“When properties are foreclosed, opportunistic investors can easily obtain the foreclosed properties, redeeming its tax lien,” said Senator Singleton (D- Burlington). “These investors prey on disadvantaged homeowners who are in the midst of foreclosure proceedings. The homeowners lose the title to their property, and these investor purchases are detrimental to the overall property value. This legislation will protect the rights and dignity of the homeowner during the foreclosure process, with added protections against predatory investing practices.”
This bill would take effect immediately.
The bill was passed by committee by a vote of 5-0.

DeAngelo Circulating

Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo (D-14) is already circulating petitions for re-election.

Assemblywoman Munoz

Munoz Formally Announces Her Reelection Bid

Assemblywoman Nancy Muñoz, today announced her re-election campaign for State Assembly in the 21st legislative district.

“I look forward to continuing my work in the State Assembly,” said Muñoz (R-Union). Whether assisting constituents navigate the unemployment system, the Motor Vehicle Commission or helping small businesses find pandemic relief, it is an honor to advocate for the needs and concerns of the residents of our district. There is still much work to be done as we continue to overcome the pandemic.”

“I am fortunate to have been able to call Tom Kean Jr. a running mate and a friend. He has been a tremendous mentor and representative for the residents of our district and the people of the state of New Jersey. I look forward to campaigning and serving with Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick as he seeks the State Senate seat in our district. Jon is a fierce advocate who has called for civility and commonsense from our elected officials for over a decade. His message is more important than ever.”

Muñoz is endorsed by all three Republican county chairs that comprise the district: Laura Ali (Morris) Glenn Mortimer (Union), and Tim Howes (Somerset). She has also been endorsed by 21st district Republican municipal chairs: Heidi Cohen (Berkeley Heights), Scott Mitzner (Bernards Township), Patti Page (Chatham Borough), Andis Kalinins (Cranford), Janis Pulton-Vallone (Far Hills), Steven Blaufeder (Garwood) Jay Woloshen (Kenilworth) Carol Prasa (Long Hill Township) J.D. Bryden (Mountainside) Alex Kogan (New Providence) Mariann Brenner (Roselle Park) Jerome Fernandez (Springfield) Steven Spurr (Summit), Derrick Freijomil (Warren), Debra Joren (Watchung Borough), and JoAnn Neylan (Westfield).


Ciattarelli Ensnares Backing of Ocean GOP Screening Committee

The Ocean County GOP Screening Committee, which met on Saturday, February 6th, unanimously
endorsed the Incumbents for Legislative Districts 9, 10, 12 and 30 for both the Senate and Assembly seats.

LD 9 – Senator Christopher J. Connors
Assemblyman Brian E. Rumpf
Assemblywoman DiAnne C. Gove

LD 10 – Senator James W. Holzapfel
Assemblyman Gregory P. McGuckin
Assemblyman John Catalano

LD 12 – Samuel D. Thompson
Assemblyman Ronald S. Dancer
Assemblyman Robert D. Clifton

LD 30 – Senator Robert W. Singer
Assemblyman Sean T. Kean
Assemblyman Ned Thomson

Further, the Committee unanimously endorsed:

Jack Ciattarelli for Governor

Ocean County Commissioner Incumbent – Gary Quinn

Newcomer Barbara “Bobbi Jo” Crea, Little Egg Harbor for the seat of retiring Commissioner Gerry
Little State Committeewoman – Virginia E. “Ginny” Haines
State Committeeman – Thomas F. Kelaher


Hahn Says Pandya Offered Him Cash for Political Support of His Son

Mayoral candidate Keith Hahn tonight on Facebook live alleged that Raj Pandya called him and met him at Skylark Diner with his son Yash Pandya.  They were considering supporting Hahn for mayor.  After speaking for 20 minutes Raj asked his son to leave, according to Hahn.

As soon as his son left Pandya took an envelope out of his pocket and put it on the table, Hahn said. It was a stack of $100 bills, said Hahn, estimating it to be about $10K.  Hahn said that Pandya said he should take the money and he would support Hahn for mayor and in exchange Hahn should support his son, who is screening for a council seat.

Hahn said he said no and reported the incident to the police.

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