Source: COVID-19 Shuts Down BurlCo HQ

With six days until Election Day, Republican headquarters in Mount Holly just got shut down.

The reason?

Evidently a COVID-19 positive case.

Republican headquarters is getting sprayed and decontaminated this evening to combat the scourge, a source told InsiderNJ, as cases spike statewide.

Trump Van Drew

Report: Van Drew Walks Back ‘Undying Support’ for Trump

This today from Political Wire:

When Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) switched parties, he pledged his “undying support” to President Trump, CNN reports.

Van Drew now says it wasn’t what he meant: “I think voters understand that when you’re in the Oval Office and you’re having a very exciting day and you’re making a little piece of history, that sometimes we all say things.”

He added: “I think the words didn’t explain as well what I exactly felt. It’s not undying support that, whatever you say I’m going to do, or undying support, I agree with whatever you say. It was undying support for the presidency, for the idea of the greatness of America.”


Report: Callaway Paid Another $60K By Van Drew Campaign

From the Press of Atlantic City: ‘Craig Callaway, the controversial Atlantic City political organizer, was paid another $60,000 by the re-election campaign of Congressman Jeff Van Drew, R-2nd, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission. According to the Oct. 27 filing, Callaway’s G.O.Y.V. company at 500 Wabash Ave. in Atlantic City was paid $10,000 and $50,000 on Oct. 1 for get-out-the-vote efforts.’

A previous FEC filing showed a September 9th payment in the amount of $50,000 distributed to the mailing address registered to Callaway. Purpose? GOTV consulting.

Callaway, who worked previously for Democrat Amy Kennedy and now is with Van Drew, said recently that “I think Van Drew will win and [Joe] Biden will prevail in CD2, but I think the Democrats have taken a lot of things for granted”.


Report: New Milford Planning Board Chairman Arrested On Child Pornography Charges

The Bergen Record reports that New Milford Planning Board Chairman Angelo DeCarlo has been arrested on multiple sex-related charges, including child pornography.  Read the report here.

King and Kennedy

King Circles Back on CD-2 in Support of Kennedy

Martin Luther King III is returning to CD-2 for a last week robocall for Democrat Amy Kennedy, who’s running against U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-2).

Mailboxes disappearing in Atlantic City.

A Word About Those Atlantic County Numbers

The wildcard is not knowing how many are in the USPS system or have been received and not included on the official counts due to processing delay.

Operative Craig Callaway – who worked for Amy Kennedy in the Democratic Primary then switched over to U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-2) in the general – has a reputation for holding his ballots until closer to the deadline to make a splash/statement.

Atlantic County Numbers Show Roughly 2-1 D Advantage, but Much Work to be Done

In Atlantic County, battleground central for the CD2 contest, the Division of Elections has marked 86,000 ballots received and 22,000 counted.

To date, there is roughly a 2-1 Democrat over Republican advantage among those tallied ballots, but that is changing this week as more Republicans are expected to vote in the aftermath of a judge’s ruling Friday. Performance has also been less brisk overall in high-plurality Dem urban areas Atlantic City and Pleasantville.

The clerk’s office issued 180,000 ballots countywide.

Dems have a registration advantage over their rivals of 68K to 50K.

Philadelphia on Saturday

Pennsylvania Early Voting Results

Somerset Clerk Steve Peter.

Somerset VBM Totals to Date

Somerset County Clerk Steve Peter told InsiderNJ that his office has scanned in 101,650 VBMs, with about 10,000 still to input. Upwards of 4000 ballots coming in daily.

“I’m sticking with my estimated turnout of 180,000,” said Peter.
In 2016, the totals were 151K in Somerset.
Steve Adubato, Sr.

Steve Adubato, Jr. on the Passing of His Father

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