Downbeat Trump Gripes about Fox News Coverage on Fox and Friends

For Dems, Essex and Cumberland Low So Far – Bergen High

These 2 p.m. numbers from Politico NJ’s Matt Friedman show large voter turnout in suburban Bergen County, while Essex County is short still of Essex County Clerk Chris Durkin’s prediction of 300K votes.

Heart of the CD2 contest, Cumberland is also low.

So is Hudson County – the lowest, in fact.


The Numbers in Blue Collar South Bergen Wood-Ridge

In Wood-Ridge, 200 people voted provisionally today for a rough total of 5,200, when you throw in VBMs, or all-time-high turnout totals.

Aura Dunn

One and Dunn?

On Sunday morning, Phil Murphy came to Randolph for a Democratic rally and told supporters that Aura Dunn, the district’s Republican assemblywoman, deserved to lose.
One of those paying attention was Dunn herself.
“Nobody gets to tell you what you do, or don’t, deserve,” Dunn wrote in a Facebook post.
She added that she doesn’t  “put much stock in the words of a governor who loves deciding winners and losers.”
Dunn then presented some of those who have become “losers” because of the governor’s actions.
The list included students in her 25th District who have lost state aid, seniors who died in nursing homes “without a loved one by their side” and small business owners who can’t make payroll because Murphy “dictates where you can, and cannot, shop.”

On Election Day, Murphy Slams Van Drew: ‘I’m Sick of Traitors’

From the Press of Atlantic City: Gov. Phil Murphy on Tuesday said that Democrats needs to “run up the score in Atlantic County, and specifically in Atlantic City.”

“I’m sick of traitors,” Murphy said, voicing his support for Second Congressional District Democratic candidate Amy Kennedy. “I want to take Jeff Van Drew and put him into retirement.”

The Election Day Polling Place Scene in Union

Forty-nine percent of voters have already cast their votes in Union.

Election Day turnout at a polling place here (pictured above) as of 9 a.m. would normally be in the high hundreds.

Scene at a Drop Box in Union


Decorated Firefighter Hyland Tackles ‘Defund the Police’


Connery’s Bond Took on a World of Trump-like Villains

Sean Connery died over the weekend, and Donald Trump immediately tried to control the narrative by tweeting about him, etc. Trump is so desperate to attach himself to the hero mystique that he unwittingly further self-caricatures by failing to realize – a common theme –  that his schtick is arguably good enough for the Batman TV series villains’ cut, but hardly serviceable to meet even Donald Pleasance’s brilliant weirdo standard as Blofeld in You Only Live Twice.

Trump is closer to Blofeld than Connery’s James Bond, with a sociopathic style reminiscent of the infuriating bald-headed power-craving rodentia volcano-denizen, and yet he’s sufficiently insulated with subservient Oddjob yes-men and Facebook-misinformation-pumping lackeys to be convinced of Bond-like affiliation.

“He was a tough character,” Trump tweeted.

Yes, that’s true, Donald, and the deep-throated, up-from-his-bootstraps vocalization of Connery’s entire career contained not a whit of the prattling, privileged whining that is the enduring hallmark of yours. The populist Bond character as interpreted by Connery is the essence of the undoing of the ego-dogged empty-suited, power-craven, Trump-similar bad guys that festoon Connery’s best, most beloved bond movies.

May Sean Connery, and the Trump presidency, rest in peace.

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