Somerset Clerk Steve Peter.

Somerset Cruising Toward Record Totals

The number of returned ballots in battleground Somerset County is at 155-160,000 right now, or not far off from Somerset County Clerk Steve Peters’ projection of 180K.

It’s trending significantly toward Democrats.

Perth Amboy City Hall

Latino Spirit’s Perth Amboy Mayoral Candidates’ Forum

To watch the forum live, please go here.


Rendezvous with Robeson

Madelyn Hoffman, Green Party candidate for the United States Senate, campaigned in Somerville on the Sunday before Election Day and, in keeping with a Hoffman campaign tradition, paid tribute to Somerville favorite son Paul Robeson, whose mural stands near downtown Main Street.

“Today, the Hoffman for Senate campaign visited the Paul Robeson mural in Somerville, fulfilling its pledge to visit all 21 New Jersey counties before Election Day” said Madelyn Hoffman. “My late father introduced me to Paul Robeson’s inspirational music and politics when I was no more than 12 years old — so it always does me good to reconnect with such an amazing public figure!

“I couldn’t think of a better way to conclude a campaign that’s been all about racial and social justice, an end to imperialist wars and redirection of at least half of the $370 billion military budget to a real eco-socialist Green New Deal, one that includes full funding for community programs like public education and tuition-free college, ending climate change and ensuring clean air and water for all, providing single-payer national health care and more,” the candidate added. “Despite today’s rainy weather, a team of about 8 of us dropped literature off for the Green Party’s Presidential ticket — Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker — and my campaign for U.S. Senate. It is our goal as Greens to provide a real alternative to both the Democrats and the Republicans.”

Callaway the Target in Atlantic City Street Piece


In Atlantic City, Former Mayor Langford Feeling out a Comeback

Former Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford is said to be kicking the tires on a mayoral run next year.

Cold-cocked 50-47% by Republican Don Guardian in 2013, the former leader of the seaside gambling mecca (2002-2006) and (2008-2014) is said to be in the feel-out phase of running for the full four-year term in 2021.

He’s not the only one.

Councilman Mo Delgado is also making the rounds to garner support for Mayor next year.

“He does not have much of a shot,” a source told InsiderNJ.

Having announced his support for incumbent Mayor Marty Small this year, Langford might be past his due date, too; there is some buzz about him trying to reconnect with Craig Callaway against one-time common foe incumbent Small.

But the politically busy Small (taking the helm of City Hall from a corruption-imploding Frank Gilliam, then winning the referendum election and handily winning the primary) presumably in search of a full four-year term next year if he gets past his Republican challenger on Tuesday, would conceivably be able to make a case against a confluence of decaying dinosaurs.

There is a scenario that a crowded field of 5+ candidates for mayor would yield a south Asian candidate winning with a plurality, but Small – not without the troubles of accumulated Atlantic City skirmishes but a strong crisis manager, is still the favorite at present.

Mehta Booker

NJTV’s David Cruz Moderates Forum with Booker and Mehta

The BurlCo Political Intrigue as a Consequence of O’Brien’s Judgeship

Surrogate Mary Ann O’Brien’s swearing-in today as a judge creates some political volatility in Burlington County.

Depends if they can appoint a Democrat or Republican to replace her but she was up for re-election in 2021 anyway.

It has LD8 implications. Do they move state Senator Dawn Addieo (D-8) over to run for Surrogate and a pension bump (and avoid a battle vs Assemblyman Ryan Peters [R-8], who’s pawing at the turf)? Do they move Co-Commissioner Linda Hynes (attorney) over to surrogate? Other names for surrogate include Gina LaPlaca and Mark Natale on the bench who are also attorneys.

Hynes moves over to surrogate it opens a seat on the FH board for Evesham Deputy Heather Cooper, who is close to powerhouse state Senator Troy Singleton (D-7).

Short list for LD8 in 2021: LaPlaca, Cooper, Pemberton Mayor Dave Patriarca, Pat Hansen (Evesham councilwoman and labor candidate). Will the Dems mount a serious challenge in LD8 or wait for a new map? Does Assemblywoman Jean Stanfield (R-8) have another fight left in the tank? They begged her to run last year.


Union County Returns So Far

Town Democrats Republicans Unaffiliated Other Total
Berkeley Heights 2165 2020 1624 18 5827
Clark 1992 1854 1946 33 5825
Cranford 4491 2111 2846 40 9488
Elizabeth 10840 1213 3102 130 15285
Fanwood 1803 573 832 7 3215
Garwood 674 413 469 13 1569
Hillside 3858 293 893 41 5085
Kenilworth 992 687 676 20 2375
Linden 6252 780 1543 74 8649
Mountainside 1102 927 804 12 2845
New Providence 2007 1507 1546 19 5079
Plainfield 6718 334 1265 66 8383
Rahway 4749 860 1736 57 7402
Roselle 3791 232 857 17 4897
Roselle Park 1691 642 1021 27 3381
Scotch Plains 4677 1975 2747 38 9437
Springfield 3105 1317 1937 32 6391
Summit 3827 2004 2403 37 8271
Union 9556 1928 3954 107 15545
Westfield 5836 2681 3678 36 12231
Winfield 220 114 123 3 460
Total 80346 24465 36002 827 141640

Fulop Announces Jersey City BA Platt Headed To Kansas City

Mayor Fulop shared the following on Facebook this evening: ‘After a national search for the best/brightest city manager a city could find, Kansas City has landed on recruiting away our Jersey City Business Administrator to be their City Manager. I’m very happy for Brian Platt being he has been a key part of my team but sad to see him go as also – he was a key part of my team. Kansas City + Mayor Lucas did well here in selecting Brian. We have done so much in #JerseyCity + it is a complement to Brian + #JerseyCity that the work being done here is being recognized nationally. Congrats Brian!’


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