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NBC News/Marist Poll: Trump and Biden Tied in Florida

President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden are deadlocked in the battleground of Florida eight weeks before Election Day, with ballots being mailed to state voters later this month, according to a new NBC News/Marist poll.

A familiar scene in Dover in the final week before Election Day.

New Jersey Launches Online Voter Registration

This week, New Jersey’s Division of Elections launched the state’s first online voter registration tool. The platform for online registration allows registering voters to provide their information electronically. Previously, those registering to vote needed to print, sign, and mail a registration form. Voters can find the tool by selecting “Register to Vote!” on the Division of Elections website ( Since its launch on Friday September 4, 2020, the online voter registration tool has been used to successfully register 12,858 voters.

“With the launch of online voter registration, New Jersey has expanded access to our democracy,” said Secretary of State Tahesha Way, New Jersey’s top election official. “Especially as we face this ongoing pandemic, we are committed to reducing barriers that may prevent potential voters from participating in our elections.”

Mehta Booker

Booker Blows Away Mehta, According to Emerson Poll

Senator Cory Booker leads Republican challenger Rik Mehta 52% to 28%, 16% were undecided and 5% said they plan to vote for someone else, according to an Emerson Poll released today.

“When voters were asked how much confidence they have in the election results regardless of who wins in November, 45% said they were somewhat confident in election results, 25% were somewhat unconfident, 24% were very confident, and 6% said they have no confidence at all.”

Biden button.

Emerson Poll: Biden Leads Trump 55-38% in New Jersey

A new Emerson College Poll of New Jersey likely voters finds former Vice President Joe Biden with a significant lead in the Garden state, with 55% of the vote and President Trump at 38%. Among the 7% of undecided voters, 44% were leaning towards Joe Biden, 33% leaning towards President Trump, and 23% said they were leaning towards someone else. The survey was conducted September 4-7, 2020 of n=500 likely voters (+/-4.4%).

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Paul Sarlo

Schedule for Budget Hearings

Senator Paul Sarlo, chair of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee, announced the panel’s schedule of hearings to review the budget proposal for the 20-21 Fiscal Year, scheduled to begin October 1, 2020.
The in-person meetings will be held in Committee Room 4 of the State House Annex in Trenton. The building is closed to the public because of the pandemic, but the budget meetings will be open to credentialed press and accessible via the OLS website:
“This is one of the most difficult budgets in our lifetime that presents economic and fiscal challenges,” said Senator Sarlo. “We have a compressed timeframe, but I am confident that we can work together on a spending plan that makes the most of our resources and does the best to address the needs of New Jersey in a time of crisis.”
September 8, 2020
12:30 PM – Budget Overview & Revenue Forecast (Office of Legislative Services)
1:00 PM – Budget Overview (State Treasurer)
September 10, 2020
10:30 AM – Department of Education
1:30 PM – Department of Corrections
September 15, 2020
10:30 AM – Department of Labor and Workforce Development

Larry Hamm Formally Backs Biden-Harris Ticket

The following statement of endorsement was issued Wedneday by Lawrence Hamm, former candidate for U.S. Senator (NJ):

“Today, I am personally endorsing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the Democratic Party nominees, for President and Vice President of the United States. I urge all voters to cast their ballots for the Biden-Harris ticket on Election Day, November 3, 2020. President Donald Trump Must be defeated in November. He is one of the worst presidents in American history. Doing everything necessary to ensure the victory of the Biden-Harris ticket is the means by which to accomplish this goal. My endorsement of the Biden-Harris team should not come as a total surprise to those that have been reading and listening to what I have been saying over the past year.

“Many of you are aware that I was chairman of the Bernie Sanders campaign in New Jersey. I supported Bernie Sanders because he had the most progressive platform, one that would truly improve conditions for the people. However, at that time I said that I was working to get Bernie Sanders the Democratic Party nomination, but if that didn’t happen I would support the person who did get it. Later, after I announced my candidacy for U.S. Senator I once again proclaimed my support for Sanders but said I would support the Democratic Party nominee if it was someone else.

“In April, Senator Sanders suspended his presidential campaign and said he would support Joe Biden the presumptive Democratic Party nominee. At that time, I said I would continue to support Bernie Sanders who remained on the ballot for the July 7th New Jersey Democratic Primary. I urged people to vote for Sanders so he could have delegates at the Democratic Convention that would support his agenda and push the Party platform in a progressive direction. Joe Biden won the nomination at the Democratic Convention. Donald Trump won the nomination at the Republican Convention.

“The November general election campaign has begun. Trump must go. I believe he is a racist, a fascist, a sexist, a bigot, and a pathological liar who is leading a right-wing reactionary movement in this country that has violent and extremist elements within its ranks. He is not a clown or a fool. He is a very dangerous individual who has set the country on a disastrous course. Both he and his enablers in the Republican Party must be defeated. We must win the White House and a Democratic majority in the Senate. There are about 60 days until the election on November 3rd.

“I urge everyone to engage in voter registration efforts until the October 16th cut-off date. The general election in New Jersey will be vote by mail as was the primary. I urge everyone to mail their ballots in as soon as they are received because Trump has sabotaged the postal service to slow down the mail to interfere with the election. Everyone must vote. Everyone must get involved. We must vote in record landslide numbers in order to hand Trump a crushing and incontestable defeat on Election Day. Lawrence Hamm Former Candidate For U.S. Senator.”


Montgomery Mayor Jaffer Not Running Again in Montgomery Township

Montgomery Mayor Sadaf Jaffer will not pursue reelection.

“I write to share that I am no longer seeking reelection to the Township Committee this November,” the mayor wrote on Facebook. “I am proud of my work in public service over the past three years, particularly my focus on communications, transparency in governance, and diversity and inclusion initiatives. I thank all those who have supported me in my efforts.

“At this time,” she added, “I have made the difficult decision to shift gears and focus on my academic research, teaching, and publications. I am delighted that the Montgomery Democratic Organization has endorsed Shelly L. Bell, Democrat for Montgomery Township Committee – 2020 Campaign for my current seat on the Township Committee. I know that she shares the same commitment to community building that I do. I urge you to vote for her in this year’s general election. Mayor and Deputy Mayor for 2021 will be decided by vote of the Montgomery Township Committee at the Annual Reorganization Meeting on January 7, 2021. I will work cooperatively with my fellow Township Committee members as they transition to new leadership in 2021.

“I look forward to continuing to serve Montgomery Township as mayor until the end of my term this December and I will engage with the community in a different capacity thereafter.”

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