Cumberland Seesaws Again with 2,500 More Provisionals to be Counted


Pallotta Declares Victory

Frank Pallotta says he’s the guy who will challenge Josh Gottheimer in November.
The website of the county clerk in Bergen County, the largest county by far in CD-5, still has not posted any results. It says they are coming “soon.”
No matter.
Pallotta has a healthy lead in sketchy returns and that seems good enough for him.
In a late afternoon Facebook post, Pallotta says that winning an election is hard, but that he had a great organization through the efforts of Kelly Ann Hart.
“I couldn’t have done it without her,” Pallotta says, adding “On to November.”
Pallotta’s November foe, Gottheimer,  faced a spirited challenge from the left from Arati Kreibich, but prevailed easily.

Organization Freeholder Candidates Now Ahead in Cumberland After Provisionals’ Count…

…in a seesaw battle, with Line F challenger Donna Pearson still threatening for the third spot with 1,500 votes left to count on Thursday.

She was up by 40 as of midnight last night and now down 214.

Hoffman Strikes Back at Trump

Madelyn Hoffman, NJ Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate today responded to President Donald Trump’s threats to withhold federal funding from schools that do not reopen.

“In April and May – as parents across the state feared the potential of Governor Murphy – who at the time was straddling the fence on the issue – sending students, faculty and staff back into the brick and mortar schools, I was one of the earliest voices, even before NJEA announced its concerns, to call for the schools to NOT reopen. This is a demand which has been followed to this day. As I launch my drive to capture the U.S. Senate seat – I again am calling upon Governor Murphy – to NOT reverse the decision to reopen, and ignore Donald Trump’s threats to cut off federal funding to schools that do not. At least, at this point, let’s wait and see if NJ is going to have a new uptick in COVID-19 cases!

“I am not doing this as much as a U.S. Senate candidate – but as a concerned NJ resident about whether we can protect our children and families as well as teachers and workers – and I ask Senator Cory Booker to join me in this call.”

Insider NJ's Jay Lassiter chats with Lambertville Mayor Julia Fahl about the Democratic Presidential Debates in Detroit, Michigan.

Mayor’s Slate Loses in Lambertville

Two of the mayor’s allies lost in Lambertville tonight – two incumbents.

Albio Sires

Sires Shakes off Oseguera in CD8

U.S. Rep. Albio Sires (D-8) was on pace tonight to defeat his progressive-styled primary opponent, Hector Oseguera.

Preliminary Numbers from Mount Holly

Richter, left, and Gibbs

Ocean Versus Burlington in CD3

There’s low turnout at the polls in Mount Holly, the Burlington County seat.

In an Ocean versus Burlington GOp Primary for the right to go up against U.S. Rep. Andy Kim (R-3), Kate Gibbs’ minions are hunkered down in their downsized BurlCo HQ calling voters to try to drive them to the polls if they lost or forgot to mail their ballot. Her rival, David Richter didn’t have much infrastructure in BurlCo but has a lot of support/ground game in Ocean.

The conventional wisdom is that the financially well-connected Richter squeaks it out on the strength of his work in Ocean, but it will likely to be too close a contest to plant a definitive winner tonight, one source opined.

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