Richter Accepts Gibbs’ Debate Challenge – with a Zing

David Richter, Republican candidate for Congress in the Third District, issued the following statement in response to Kate Gibbs’ debate challenge from earlier today:

“I’m glad that Kate Gibbs has finally found her voice and issued a statement on her own, instead of hiding behind her campaign manager.  But she could have saved everyone some time and reached out directly to me or my campaign instead of communicating by press release.  Of course we will be having debates during this primary and I am convinced that both Matt Rooney and Stephanie Faughnan would make excellent moderators.”

“While the rest of the details can be worked out by our respective campaign teams in a timely fashion, I would like to suggest we host two televised debates, one in Ocean County and one in Burlington County, possibly at the local county colleges, both with no audiences so as to maintain the appropriate social distancing.  I am sure that following these debates the decisions of the voters will be crystal clear.”



The (FULL!) Official Results of the 2020 Montclair Municipal Elections

Montclair, NJ – Below are the official results of the 2020 Montclair Municipal Election, certified by the Essex County Clerk:

Mayor – Sean M. Spiller

Councilor-At-Large – Peter Yacobellis

Councilor-At-Large – Bob Russo

First Ward Councilor – William Hurlock

Second Ward Councilwoman – Robin Schlager

Third Ward Councilwoman – Lori Price Abrams

Fourth Ward Councilor – David Cummings


Persichilli Tells Reporters She Talks to Murphy Daily

“I talk with the governor everyday and if that doesn’t get his attention, then I text him,” New Jersey Department of Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli said today in response to a reporter’s War Memorial question about this story.



15 Victims of Shootings, Including Two Fatalities

“A tragic weekend, governor,” State Police Colonel Pat Callahan reported this afternoon in the Trenton War Memorial.

Levinson and Formica Letter To Guv: Curbside Pickup Fails To Accomodate Many Businesses

‘Your decision to allow curbside pick-up only for all non-essential retail businesses, however, fails to accommodate many businesses for which curbside pick-up is impractical and unfeasible. Smaller, mom and pop businesses and specialty shops will still be unable to conduct business….We cannot afford to leave them without a life preserver. Please consider taking this next step to assist in their rescue and road to recovery.’


Sanders Chairs Call for Restoring 10 VBM Messenger Limit and Ensuring That VBM Design is Publicly Available for Inspection

“We, the Chairs of the Bernie Sanders campaign want to publicly thank Governor Murphy for his commitment to public safety during the Coronavirus health emergency by mandating that every primary voter receive a Vote by Mail ballot.  This action will undoubtedly limit the spread of this deadly virus,” declared Larry Hamm, Patricia Campos Medina and Barry Brendel, Chairs of New Jersey for Bernie 2020.

Peter Yacobellis, Montclair’s Newest Councilman-elect

Today Peter Yacobellis will officially be declared the winner of last week’s town council election in Montclair, Essex County.

Councilman-elect Yacobellis won with 5,472 votes.

If the tally holds, that’s the most votes ever received by any candidate running for any office in Montclair history, he added.

Yacobellis’ record-setting win was a great result for NJ’s LGBTQ community, historically underrepresented in halls of power in NJ politics.

“I was 18 years old when Ellen DeGeneres came out,” Yacobellis told InsiderNJ. “I had never heard of Harvey Milk when I was a kid and I didn’t truly understand what being gay meant until late in my teen years. There certainly were no prominent openly LGBTQ elected officials in my youth either.”

Yacobellis swears in on July 1st. Meantime, he’s savor his win and some nice feedback too.

“Today, mothers are writing me notes thanking me for being out and open in my run because of the example it gives to their children. What a beautiful evolution,” Yacobellis told InsiderNJ.

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