INSIDERNJ POLL: What Kind of Voting Should Occur at the Union Dems’ Feb. 21st Special Election for Chair?

INSIDERNJ POLL: What Kind of Voting Should Occur at the Union Dems' Feb 21st Chair's Election?

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  • Justin

    I don’t like the wording of is sufficient. It has nothing to do with sufficient. All of these Democratic committee people are voted on and we vote on these people have a right to know how they vote. Just like everyone of you simply or in Congress or the Senate or the city Council votes and their votes are public record so that the people who vote on them can see that they are voting the way that we want them to. And if I don’t like the way that my Committee person votes, then I wont elect him again

  • Eric Martindale

    If you want to tip the process towards the incumbants and the political bosses, then require a showing of hands. Committeemen and women will then be afraid to vote their conscience, because they won’t want to be seen as voting against the position of the political bosses. This is so obvious that it’s stupid. If you want an open and fair process, do it by sealed ballot or some kind of voting machine

    • Sebastian D’Elia

      The Committees bylaws clearly state that the open hand process is the method, and has been the method employed for as long as can be remembered. These are the same bylaws Ms. Mahr adopted herself in June…now less than one week before the election, she’s attempting to change the bylaws to benefit herself? Is this how a Democratic process should operate or should individuals who run for offices be allowed to change the rules that exist on the fly?

  • Dave Pilmenstein

    This is not a secret club full of private citizens. This is a vote of people who are in the public eye.

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