InsiderNJ Poll: McGreevey Versus O’Dea for Jersey City Mayor

Hudson ward heelers and their attendants continue to key in to the developing 2025 Jersey City Mayor’s Race.

Recognizing that others are likely to get into the contest (among them Hudson Commissioner Jerry Walker and Councilman James Solomon), consider a head-to-head matchup between two candidates already in the race:

Former New Jersey Governor James McGreevey


Hudson County Commissioner Bill O’Dea.

As they position themselves for the coming intensified clash, the pair are said to be causing a bit of pushing and pulling among the power elite.

Read more about it here.

In the meantime, consider these two combatants.

In the words of InsiderNJ Columnist Fred Snowflack, who covered McGreevey’s kickoff last November:

McGreevey, a one-time governor who resigned amid scandal, wants a second chance… That would be running the city where he was born 66 years ago.

“Clearly, I made mistakes, which, you know, I acknowledged and apologized (for),” he said.

It was in August, 2004, when McGreevey declared himself to be a “gay American” and resigned as governor after he was threatened with a sexual harassment suit from a man, Golan Cipel, to whom he had given a high-paying state job regarding homeland security.

Afterwards, McGreevey studied to become an Episcopal priest and became involved in a genuine Christian mission – helping inmates turn their lives around.

So, how does that mesh with Hudson County’s acrimonious politics?

McGreevey spent part of his speech talking about some of his accomplishments as governor. They included improving the E-Z Pass system and Motor Vehicle Commission, signing the Highlands Act, which has preserved acres of open land in northwest New Jersey, and promoting literacy for third graders.

As for Jersey City, some of his goals were basic – good schools, clean streets, cracking down on traffic violators and in general, a fine quality of life.

Then there’s O’Dea.

The intrepid Snowflack was at that kickoff, too, also last November:

O’Dea, who is 64, has lived there all his life, a point directly – and indirectly – made at his kickoff.

Some speakers somewhat cryptically spoke of “outsiders” trying to tell city residents what to do and some said a mayor must understand the pulse of city streets and its different neighborhoods.

O’Dea referenced his lifelong status as a city resident, noting that he once had a job cutting the grass at Lincoln Park.

As for policy, O’Dea said he was a “progressive before we were called progressives.”  Actually, they were called “liberals” in the old days, but for some reason, that’s become a pejorative – at least for some.,

O’Dea generally spoke of things with which few would quibble.

They included support for development that helps an entire community, affordable housing, good schools and such recreational services as summer camps and youth centers in every ward.

In many cases, however, city elections are won and lost on such intangible things as how voters perceive a candidate.

And the O’Dea strategy seems simple – convince voters he’s more “one of them” than McGreevey is.

“We the people of Jersey City must determine our own destiny,” is how O’Dea put it.

Now, here’s the question of the day on this snowbound Tuesday:

Who Do You Back in a Head-to-Head Matchup Between JUST These Two JC Mayoral Candidates?


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38 responses to “InsiderNJ Poll: McGreevey Versus O’Dea for Jersey City Mayor”

  1. O,’Dea you have know ideas what the people need here in in the F Ward needs. The poor underground people don’t have much, but we do care about the kids, the elderly and the hard working people. We need someone that understands that the underground mother’s are trying hard to keep their Property, their Sons and daughters off the streets and in some kind outreach community programs so they can stop Vinxting out on each otherj

  2. Bill ODea should be ashamed of himself for employing two pieces of filth who both had to resign in complete disgrace after betraying their constituents! Phil Kenny and Chico are corrupt, disgusting, and untrustworthy individuals who Bill supported both before, during, and after their scandal and crime filled tenures . This is our city, our choice, and in 2025 I will absolutely choose not to support a candidate who has no issue rewarding bribery and low life criminals.

  3. Jim McGreevey is trash and most of his gubernatorial inner circle were indicted or were forced to resign. Will Whatley, David D’Amiano, Joseph Sanchez. Mike Manzo, known Jersey City ScumBag from Operation BidRig II is tied in with McGreevey. Ward F will not falter!!! Our City. Our Choice,

  4. Let’s talk about corruption. So you are okay with McGreevey? Someone who resigned due to his charges of corruption about to be exposed? Surrounds himself with criminals. Let me start – Mike manzo, Jose Mercado, Gerry McCann.

    At least Chico and Phil did their time and have been quietly, giving back to the community. Now, go run and tell McGreevey that. How much did you get paid to comment?

  5. During David’s indictment political person number one was Jim Mcgreevey , the federal paper work is public. He admitted before he resignation that he was that person an had to resigne for it ro go away . McGreevey is trash .
    Our City, Our right ..

  6. I’m not really sure what you want me to prove since it can’t be disputed that two people I mentioned both had to resign and were convicted of crimes due to their illegal activities while in office. Phil had to resign after less than 100 days in office and later pled guilty and served jail time for accepting $5,000 in bribes from a government informant, while Chico had to resign after driving drunk in a city vehicle. During the investigation it was also determined Chico was taking money from a no show county job. I’m still not sure what you want me to prove. I think you’re just another O’Dea voter who doesn’t want to acknowledge the reality that your candidate is just as slimy as Jim (don’t worry, you’re one of many)

  7. I got paid nothing to comment because I won’t be voting for either McGreevy or O’Dea. The difference between me and you is I am willing to acknowledge both of those candidates have used their political positions to give their friends jobs. I also love the “all is forgiven since Chico and Phil did their time”. How about you don’t accept bribes in the first place! I voted for Phill Kenny for councilman and it still upsets me that he couldn’t last a full 100 days without taking money. You are a naive person who doesn’t apply logic evenly to people.

  8. I noticed you skipped over everything I said and are still choosing to live in an alternate reality. Phil is a paid employee of Bill’s Hudson County commissioner re-election team and has been for many years. If you want to sit here and argue you should at least be informed of a basic fact like that. I guess you’re not actually informed of what’s going on in Jersey City politics.

  9. Mike Romano, You’re just mad that you feel bamboozled by your vote. Regardless of what those two idiots did, Bill goes on doing good for the community. The first to help in many situations. That’s why I am voting for William “Bill” O’Dea. I can’t tell you the countless times I’ve heard him do great things. He even sponsors good legislation, speaks out against bad legislation and bad policy, and he’s the reason why Jersey City has ordinance 22-091. So I’ll take a good guy connected to two idiots any election over a corrupt former governor who resigned in disgrace

  10. It’s seems like you have a personal feeling about this campaign, if your not voting for neither.
    Did someone do someone to you personally?? Your comments are directed to only one campaign.
    Maybe your girlfriend was loose or something an got taken away from you ..

  11. I agree he does good for the community, I never said he didn’t. I have lived in the West Side for years and there isn’t a more easily accessible politician than Bill. I’m not mad I was bamboozled, I’m mad that (in my opinion) he has shown he does not possess the kind of impartial judgement that I think a mayor should have. It’s not that he’s just “connected” to them, it’s that he has rewarded their behavior by letting them back in the picture after they betrayed everyone in Ward B!! And it’s only because they are his good friends, Phil especially. It’s as simple as that. I’m not saying Phil and Chico shouldn’t be given a second chance in the community, I just don’t think anyone should have given either of them a chance in politics again! How is that any different from McGreevy giving his boyfriend the job?

  12. Going back to my comments the true nature of why he resigned from his campaign. He was special political person number in the Indictment an he admitted it to Christie’s inveterate team .
    Thats the true reason Mcgreevey resigned.
    Plus the money he stole from the none profits. He never paid that money back either . Public record brother man ..

  13. Yes Charlie max,the reason I am commenting is because “ Maybe your girlfriend was loose or something a got taken away from you .. ” (not even sure where to begin with that). The reason my comments were directed towards one campaign was because when I went to the comment section the first few comments I saw were from people supporting Bill O’Dea, and the people responding to me were also commenting about him too. I also pointed out that I don’t support McGreevey, as you noted. “It’s seems like you have a personal feeling about this campaign, if you’re not voting for neither.” I guess you are also an uninformed person who wants to comment without knowing the facts, but there are other candidates besides these two running for mayor and there will probably be more to join in the future.

  14. I am happy to see James Mcgreevey. I followed McGreevey when he was the Mayor of Woodbridge and was in his corner as Governor. Welcome back.

    JERSEY CITY 🫶♥️MY CHOICE 💯💯💯💯💯🇵🇷💪🫶👍💯💯ALL THE WAY BILL ODEA 2025🇺🇸👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  16. Bill O’Dea & his team are exactly what JC needs right now. His record speaks volumes and is all the evidence anyone needs in their choice at the polls. Furthermore, the other candidate is a political pawn put up by a machine that wants to use JC for their own gain. Not on our watch… OUR CITY. OUR CHOICE.

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