INSIDERNJ POLL: With Whom Do Your Political Sympathies Lie?

With Whom Do Your Political Sympathies Lie?

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  • Valerie


    We are sick of Norcross and Sweeney and the childish abusive games they play to destroy and harm innocent people. There is SO much INJUSTICE in South jersey courts, prosecutors office and police departments. The lawyers are all paid off by them and their is no Attorney client privilege because the attorneys report to George. it’s SO Despicably Criminal how Norcross/Sweeney and their cronies abuse their power with these corrupt Judges and courts. This is SO wrong and their needs to be a light shined on South Jersey. They continue paying outsiders to interfere in jobs, landlords, legal, health and other related and personal matters buy isn’t courts to file fake lawsuits, complaints and other malicious accusations and they even have these legal documents mailed directly to people’s CEO and directors of companies. It’s is a criminal game Norcross and Sweeney are
    Playing. There needs to be a full investigation of all soutjbkersey clurts in Gloucester Atlantic Cumberland and Camden county. There needs to be an investigation on all the judges because they are apoointed by George and the law firms that have broken attorney client privilege to share clients information with George and sabotage a person’s case. In addition there needs to be investigations into federal judge Jerome Simandle who is an unjust judge who disregards and tossed credible civil rights cases against Norcross and his cronies. This has been gong on for decades. The justice system is belong Norcross enrich his life and abuse whistleblowers and innocent people who speak up. Lastly, they must investigate Jim Walsh of Courier Post. He’s a corrupt editor who gets an envelope of cash from Norcross to defame and slander people in courier post. Gannett is diet as well along with which allows Norcross to buy and hyperlink thousands of hidden backlinks to these negative stories and page
    Park at Top of google with keyword stuffing and black hat that he runs via webimax and other troll farm sites that Norcross/Sweeney have set up for black hat SEO

  • Carl McKay

    most corrupt politicians yet in new jersey

  • 1Prop

    NJ is finished. Over-taxed. Over-regulated. Over-everything. We need to scrap the entire government and start over.

  • Robert Knapp

    Our Governor Phil Murphy has accomplished more in his first 500 days in office in comparison to the eight years of destruction of the prior administration.
    It is a shame that Sweeney and Norcross FOR NO OTHER THAN SOUR POLITICAL REASONS are attempting to move against Murphy however it is evident that Murphy is a governor “by, of and for the people of New Jersey”.
    We all must rally and petition our state legislators to pass the Millionaire’s Tax to enable important projects for roads, the infrastructure, education, etc.—all for the people of New Jersey. We will stand behind our Governor in his quest to make New Jersey a better place to live for all, not just those who believe they are entitled due to income of a million a year or more.
    Bob Knapp, Jersey City

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