The Mendham Firehouse, with a Role to Play After All these Years


MENDHAM TOWNSHIP – As the polling place for then-Governor Christie, the Brookside Firehouse was an Election Day hot spot for about eight years.

Christie is out of office, but the firehouse is still playing a role, albeit a smaller one, in Morris County politics.

Democratic District 25 Assembly candidate Lisa Bhimani cast her ballot there today supported by a number of relatives, including her daughter, 18, who was voting for the first time.

There actually seemed to be a steady stream of voters at the firehouse this morning, perhaps challenging the accepted wisdom that turnout is destined to be pretty slim.

Bhimani, who ran in the district two years ago, said predicting turnout is tough, although she said she has found national politics influencing local elections “on both sides.”

Earlier in the day, Anthony M. Bucco, one of two Republicans in the race, had bought doughnuts for poll workers in Boonton and Boonton Township.

Bhimani didn’t do that, but she said she often provided doughnuts to volunteer canvassers.

It’s comforting to learn that munching on doughnuts is a bipartisan rite.

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