Murphy Commits to Continuing to ‘Pound Away’ on Millionaire’s Tax

Pinkin, Oliver, Murphy and Murphy.

Twice denied in his first two budgets, Governor Phil Murphy this afternoon told reporters that he remains committed to a millionaire’s tax. With Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver standing behind him, the Governor cited the tax as beneficial to prepare for a “rainy day.”

Specifically, he noted his obligation to fund NJ Transit.

“It’s the right thing to do,” Murphy said. “It’s fair.”

The budget priority has pitted him against the corporate tax-favoring Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3).

“This is asking the wealthiest among us to pay a little bit more,” Murphy told Charles Stile, columnist with the Bergen Record.

“The last time I checked the people of New Jersey agree with me,” the Governor added. “Over 70% of the population agree its the right thing to do, including a majority of Republicans.”

He is confident, he added, that elected officials will together navigate the political machinations “to get to a good right place.”

“I’ll continue to pound away,” Murphy said.

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