Murphy’s Tweet Gets Him in Hot Water with WFAN Hosts

A pair of New York-based shock jocks prompted Governor Phil Murphy to tweet congratulations to the New York Jets and Giants after earlier Tweet-signaling his political large-canvas battleground priorities.

It feels like the Jets are having their first good season since the Joe Namath years (or year). This weekend they went to Green Bay behind a monolithic defense, manhandled Aaron Rodgers, one of the quarterbacks of all time, and beat up the Packers, 27-10.

The other Jersey-based team, the Giants, took care of business against the Baltimore Ravens, 24-20.

Ever in sync with the local working man and his rugged pastimes, Murphy had this reaction: “It was an unbelievable weekend for @Eagles and @Phillies sports fans in New Jersey. Congratulations to both teams on two incredible games!”

The tweet hung up there, unassisted, for a couple of hours, before WFAN’s Evan Roberts and Craig Carton went berserk in bewilderment, citing the possibility of Murphy’s second term status as a reason for his not originally seeming to care about the North Jersey teams’ wins.

Murphy subsequently retweeted this from SportsCenter: “When the @Giants and @nyjets are a combined 9-3 after Week 6.”

There is a simple political explanation, of course, beyond Chris Christie pal Carton’s eloquent speculation about Murphy “kissing South Jersey’s butt.” Pennsylvania is a battleground, and – like Christie – Murphy wants to position himself as a national contender. In his case, the sitting New Jersey governor has to keep an eye on the possibility of President Joe Biden not pursuing reelection and the Democratic Party reshuffling the prez deck.

A Massachusetts liberal mired in the swamps of Jersey, Murphy probably figures he can start slowly, by giving a thumbs up to Pa’s sports teams, thereby fire-blanketing a swing state.

Start a positive paper trail now, or at least a Tweet trail –  in time for 2024.

But Roberts and Carton didn’t approve of his initial instincts, taunting the governor for at least a good 15 minutes on their program, with Carton at one point telling one of his aides to get Murphy on the horn to talk.



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9 responses to “Murphy’s Tweet Gets Him in Hot Water with WFAN Hosts”

  1. Who is the bigger idiot? Carton, Roberts or Edward Edwards? I love the Giants and Jets but do either of them have “New Jersey” in their names? And isn’t Lardass Christie a Cowboys fan? Nothing to see here. And Craig Carton is still a felon.

  2. Got to love Carton, the convicted felon, who attacked Dick Cody’s wife discussing post-partum depression, wading into politics. To be fair, Carton’s gambling addiction is classified as a mental illness in DSM-V. Carton leaned into this illness to ask for leniency on his sentence. People who make mistakes do deserve a second chance (though that seems to be attacked by one side this election cycle).

  3. Michael F.
    Can’t argue what you said about the Giants or Jets…on the other hand they at keast play in NJ….The Philadelphia Eagles and Philadelphia Phillies….Don’t!!!

  4. Why am I reading about such trivialities as whether or not Murphy reads the sports news. We all, including WFAN, should be covering real-life “battles” where Ukrainians are dying daily thanks to Trump’s hero, Putin

  5. Another snowflake with DJT syndrome- u can say the sky is blue and they will blame that on Trump. U poor fools who drink the koolaid and BELIEVE everything the media feeds u or by a ( LIBERAL) google headline bite WITHOUT doing your own research!? Here’s the country’s REAL problems in a nutshell ( go follow these STATS)
    ILLEGAL border crossing is allowed by one party bc it’s effectively choking out the middle to lower class and ‘they’ eventually want most on government assistance ( easier way to a dictatorship)
    Black on black (and drugs) is WAYYY. the # 1 crime epidemic
    The Hunan virus WAS leaked and is NOT a natural phenomena! Scientifically impossible if public was privvy to the lab animals in Wuhan
    Phil fans have a low knowledge of sports and only follow the W’s and L’s column to grade their boos

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