Sussex County Sheriff’s Officers Allege Abuse Of Power in Investigative Report

More controversy arises during the GOP primary for Sussex County Sheriff race between challenger Andrew Boden and incumbent Mike Strada as an NBC News investigative report finds officers who allege hazing, harassment and abuse of power within the sheriff's office.

Following their initial report on the Sussex County GOP sheriff’s primary race between incumbent Sheriff Mike Strada and challenger Andy Boden, NBC’s I-Team has a second report detailing abuse of power allegations in the Sheriff’s Office.

The report details a hazing incident involving a corrections officer which included sexually explicit and homophobic taunts. ‘I was humiliated in front of everyone’ said John White, who left the department of another law enforcement agency.

A former Sheriff’s Officer Michael Scuzezzi who recently resigned said ‘anyone who sticks up for themselves or another person, you will get targeted, you will be harassed, you will be bullied in some form or another’.  It got to the point where ‘I could not take it anymore, I had to get out’.

Watch the report here.

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