Newark Public Schools Superintendent Roger Leon Throws Himself a 50th Birthday Bash

Roger Leon, the first superintendent selected in 22 years by the Newark Public Schools Board of Education threw himself a 50th birthday party at Robert Treat Hotel in Newark. It was attended by some of the members of the Newark Public Schools Board of Education and Essex County Freeholder Len Luciano.

Less than a year on the job, Roger Leon, the first Newark School Board-selected superintendent in 22 years, threw himself a 50th birthday bash at the Robert Treat Hotel on Friday night.

Leon last year said he wants to be a “proficient and influential agent of change.”

Leon and members of the board.
The party scene.
Essex County Freeholder Len Luciano took a turn on the throne of power.
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  • mista skorpio

    Dude looks like a fool

  • Joe

    As long as he’s doing this on his own time, on his own dime, who cares. Looks like he’s a swinging superdooperintendant. I’m more concerned about the privatization of the school system and the deleterious effects of charter schools.

  • Ciggy Boy


  • Ciggy Boy

    *fortnite dance*

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