NJ State Epidemiologist Dr. Tan Discusses the Challenge of Misinformation with Steve Adubato

Christina Tan, MD, MPH, New Jersey State Epidemiologist, joins Steve Adubato to discuss long COVID, the challenges of misinformation, and preparing for the next public health crisis.  Steve Adubato asks Dr. Tan how challenging it is for a public health professional in government to get out accurate, useful and relevant information when there’s so much misinformation and disinformation on the internet’s social media platforms. Dr. Tan responds, “It’s very challenging to get information out there because as we know, about how science works is that science evolves based on new information and new data on a day-to-day basis, sometimes much faster than that. And it’s important for us at the governmental level, whether it’s at the local, the state or the federal level, to make sure that we try to get the information out as quickly as we can, accurately, and also be willing to accept that things are evolving. And sometimes we may not get things completely correct at the time, but we try to work our hardest, you know, with the best knowledge that we have at any given time.” 

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