NJTV’s Live Stream Of The Select Committee Hearing (And Insider NJ Coverage)

Watch NJTV’s livestream of the Select Oversight Committee hearing:



Take a look at the following Insider NJ coverage of the events today:

Murphy’s Statement on Brennan’s Testimony

Source: Brennan’s Testimony Within the Context of Murphy COS Conversation

DeCroce Asks Brennan What Lawmakers Can Do Legislatively to Rectify the Situation

Brennan: ‘I Think They Didn’t Take it Seriously’

Corrado: ‘And You Consider These People your Friends?’

Braz Didn’t Use Her Name When Conveying Case to Counsel, Brennan Tells Weinberg

Munoz Zeroes in on Murphy’s Emailed Response to Brennan

Brennan: ‘No Survivor Should have to Tell Her Story to the Newspaper to be Heard’


Take a look at the following Insider NJ coverage leading up to today:

Katie Brennan Speaks Out Following Wall Street Journal report

Schepisi Says Her ‘Heart Breaks’ for Brennan

This Moment in Time: Brennan Allegation Reasserts Murphy’s Political Vulnerability

Kean and Corrado Seek Legislative Hearings on Heels of Brennan Allegation

Suarez Speaks: Hudson County Prosecutor Defends Her Office’s Actions in Brennan Case

Brennan’s Spokesperson Responds to News of Dinner Attended by Brennan and Suarez

Two ‘Super Smart Professionals’: Suarez and Brennan on August 30th

Report: ‘This is Katie Brennan’

Grewal Says OPIA Review Finds no Evidence that Suarez Acted Improperly in Brennan/Alvarez Case

Katie Brennan Responds To AG’s Finding In Review Of Rape Allegation Investigation

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