Not Ready to Make Nice

Bedlam at the U.S. Capitol.

It’s crazy how we’re only 5 seconds into the Joe Biden Administration and Donald Trump voters seem eager to “move on” without any self-examination whatsoever. Joe Biden had barely taken his oath and Trump voters were already whining all over social media that it’s time to move on from, among other things, demanding accountability for Trump’s ghastly list of misdeeds.

I’m still mad. And I’m not ready to move on just because conservatives can’t manage their own feelings of butt-hurt right now.

When Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016, shellshocked liberals turns our frustrations into women’s marches and pussy hats. Trump’s zealots mocked us for it and now we know why: their idea of protest is to ransack the US Capitol Building to overturn an election!

While staging a violent insurrection on steps of the US Capitol is infinitely more dramatic than pussy hats, it’s also treason.

How do we move on from that?

Besides how we any of us move on when Trump still won’t concede defeat? He’s too small for that! And he still can’t admit he got his ass whooped fair and square.

How exactly do I “get over” someone who, until the last nanosecond of his term, issued a torrent of pardons to con-men, traitors, grifters, and tax cheats? Trump even pardoned the biggest Medicaid fraudster in American history, a man with a Jersey connection called Salomon Melgen who’s best friends with Senator Bob Menendez.

So I’ll let you know when I “get over it.”

Tossing LGBT people under the bus did not make America great again. Trump made it harder for us to adopt children and scrapped hard-fought workplace protections (since restored by Biden,) just for starters. Trump’s ban on transgender service members was appalling, especially considering he dodged the draft on five different occasions. Trump’s contempt, especially for transgender Americans didn’t keep America safer. It was just a big love note to the Evangelical community whose wholehearted embrace of a morally bankrupt draft-dodger like Donald Trump revealed their own hypocrisy.

And I’m not getting over it any time soon.

For the past four years, Trump’s ragtag armada has told us all to “f**k our feeling” and  called us “woke snowflakes” because we resisted their darkest impulses. As we speak, the National Guard is working round the clock to protect the US Capitol from Trump supporters.

As long as that’s the case, it’s gonna be tough for many Americans, not just myself, to just “get over it.”

All that having been said, one thing that might help with healing: Trump’s long overdue banishment from Twitter.

Hasn’t it been…..wonderful????

I can already hear the MAGA choir demonstrating their ignorance about what free speech really means. To them, any consequences whatsoever for their deplorable behavior is a first amendment violation, a selfish and ignorant misreading of our nation’s constitution.

So let’s say it one last time for anyone still wearing a red hat: when you sign up for Twitter, you agree to their terms. When you repeatedly violate the terms you already agreed to you might get tossed. No one has a constitutional right to a Twitter megaphone.

There will never be a molecule of remorse or self-reflection from Donald Trump for anything ever. And that’s too bad because that would likely be the quickest path to “move on” if that’s even possible. We’ll have to move on at some point. I don’t know when that’ll be for me.

Hopefully soon but probably not.

Ask me again after Trump’s impeachment hearing in the United States Senate.


Jay Lassiter is a NJ political raconteur. America’s first state house blogger, he pioneered the media landscape you’re currently living in.


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  • bobbutts

    Well written. I agree.

  • Moe Howard

    Insurrection…LOL How about the mostly peaceful protestors that are still burning Portland, Seattle and Denver. Think they’ll ever get over it?

  • Kathleen Demarest

    Jay Lassiter, I read your column with interest, knowing you are going to tell it
    like it is in 2021, your new year’s resolution.

    After the inauguration, I felt gratitude and calm.
    I am not ready to move on, although I believe in forgive and forget.
    The long dark nightmare of the Trump era, in my mind, is unforgivable.
    AND, I think it should be unforgettable.

    After the inauguration, I was planning on knitting and reading quietly.
    But, I keep hearing that democracy is fragile.
    So for me I can not move on to knitting. I want to help our democracy
    in any small way that I can.
    We can never forget the pain of having an evil, and I do not use the word
    lightly, president like Trump.
    Never again should a Trump-like person, male or female, be the leader
    of our precious, beloved country.

  • What you said, Jay. “Moving on” without an accounting of the monstrousness of the last four years, capped by Trump’s last-ditch attempt to become a dictator-king — an attempt that came all to close to succeding — is a recipe for the next attempt to be successful.

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