GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Singh Responds to Chairman Currie


LINWOOD, NJ — The New Jersey Democratic State Committee and its Chairman John Currie want me to declare Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the President-elect and Vice President-elect respectively. I have some news for them.

The counting process is a brazen attempt to steal the election from our President Donald Trump who was leading in the states of North Carolina, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania on election night. The numbers indicated that there was no way to catch him and we heard an announcement that counting had ceased in these states all at the same time. The next morning, to the utter disbelief of Americans, the numbers had been fraudulently adjusted to show Joe Biden in the lead. Pennsylvania has a law that imposes a deadline for the ballots to be received and the fake ballots that the Democrats brought in after the election should not be counted. Once they are discarded, President Trump will win the state. Recounts in Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin too will show that President Trump is the true winner. The Dominion software that has been used is an anti-American malware and the owners of the firm and facilitators of the fraud who used this software should be dealt with by law enforcement for launching a war against our great country.

I’m running for Governor to fix the election system.

I know what it is like to be cheated in an election and to be cheated by corrupt judges who drag on the election related cases with the aim of running out the clock. I was cheated in the Primary election by the establishment which got a Democrat plant to run against me and cheated to win the election. I have exposed various forms of cheating in my lawsuit currently before the US Supreme Court. It is surreal to watch President Trump go through exactly what I have gone through. It is wonderful to see President Trump not give up but fight the fraud. My lawsuit is also expected to help President Trump as a ruling in it invalidating the unconstitutional orders of Phil Murphy and throwing out the mail-in ballots for using the US Post Office to create new types of frauds will also impact President Trump’s lawsuits nationwide.

I too have a message for John Currie: As part of the Democrat Party, you are part of a plantation that treats you like a slave. Joe Biden called you and all other black Americans as dirty and inarticulate when he claimed that Obama was the first clean and articulate black. Hillary Clinton claims that all black children are superpredators who need to be brought to heel. The Democrat Party is the party of the Ku Klux Klan. Right now, look at how they are stealing the election from John James, a US Senate Candidate, in Michigan. I urge you to quit it and walk away from it. We will welcome you into the Republican Party as long as you leave your Democrat values behind and embrace American values.

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