Progressive Groups Demand that NJTV End Association with Ayscue


Twenty-four progressive groups from across New Jersey joined together today to call on NJTV to end its longstanding association with a South Jersey political operative, a day after tweeting an image of the infamous “falling man” image on the 18th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror acts.

Steve Ayscue’s tweet attacking New Jersey Working Families State Director Sue Altman appropriated an image “that was particularly controversial for its politicization of an individual’s image in the moments before his death,” Working Families noted. “The Sept. 11 terror attacks claimed the lives of 746 New Jersey residents. For Ayscue to tweet this image on such a tragic day is beyond insensitive or offensive – it is an act of knowing disrespect for our state and our nation.”

This latest Ayscue tweet is part of an ongoing pattern of “racist, sexist and abusive remarks targeting progressive advocates across the state,” Working Families said. “His campaign of harassment and intimidation is unacceptable and must prompt action from NJTV’s leadership – which has given Ayscue legitimacy and a platform.”

They cite the following:

“Ayscue defamed an activist in Camden because he couldn’t tell two black men apart – and never apologized.

“He has taunted progressive women with anti-LGBTQ slurs, asking them
about their “girlfriends.”  He has exploited rape, using it as a political cudgel against other women.

Ayscue has longstanding associations with South Jersey political boss George Norcross, and his consulting firm has received payments from General Majority PAC, a Norcross-allied super PAC.

In response, 24 progressive organizations this morning sent a letter to NJTV station leadership, demanding that Ayscue be removed from the air.

A copy of the letter can be viewed here.


Here is a list of organizations that signed on:

  1. NJ 11th For Change
  2. Camden High Alumni Association
  3. Action Together New Jersey
  4. Our Revolution Essex County
  5. Concerned Black Clergy
  6. STAND Central NJ
  7. Ridgewood JOLT
  8. South Jersey Women for Progressive Change
  9. Westfield 20/20
  10. The Nehemiah Group of Camden
  11. NJ 08 For Progress
  12. National Action Network CMD
  13. Collingswood Democratic Committee
  14. Camden Empowerment Center
  15. Helen Duda/ Member of Action Together NJ/ Vice President of Buena Vista Twp. Democratic Club
  16. NJ7 Forward
  17. Indivisible NJ 5th District
  18. Cooper River Indivisible
  19. New Beginnings of Camden
  20. Christian Honor Society
  21. NAACP/Camden County East
  22. NJ 21 United
  23. Good Government Coalition of New Jersey
  24. NJ Working Families
  25. NJ Citizen Action
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  • Anthony Kilgowski

    Steve Ayscue should be charged with Sexual harassment and racial discrimination. How would he like for someone to harass his teen age daughter

    He’s a bald headed klansman with no remorse for his criminal activities

    He’s a disgrace to life

  • Valerie

    Ayscue should be investigated for voter
    suppression by the national naacp and for orchestrating interference in black candidates running against
    The machine for office. He is a racist who soews hate and a man who sexually harasses women by referring
    To them as strippers and escorts.

    He must be exposed and indicted. He’s worse then the KKK

    Ayscue Sweeney Mayer and Norcross boys Divide Democrats and Republicans

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