Report: Wimberly Alleges Mailer Photo Doctoring To Encourage Racial Divisiveness; GOP Clerk Candidate Fava Denies Charge

According to a report from TAPinto Paterson, Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly released a statement decrying a campaign flier that allegedly has a doctored photo of Democratic Passaic County Clerk candidate Danielle Ireland-Imhof, darkening her skin.

Wimberly laid the blame on Ireland-Imhof’s GOP opponent, saying “Ron Fava’s political flyer is a trick from an old playbook. In 1999, a mailer circulated targeting Democrat Georgia Scott who was running for Passaic County freeholder. Scott’s skin in the photo was also doctored intentionally to make her look darker. Voters of Passaic County did not let it dissuade them at the polls then and will not work now. Georgia Scott won her race that year.”

Fava denied the charge, telling TAPinto Paterson in a follow-up article that “it’s just a photo– not darkened. Her fliers and posters have her picture on them,” Fava said. “Sorry to see the Democrats trying to make race an issue. It’s not an issue.”

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