Trump and Kean, Jr.: Malinowski Says They’re Perfect Together

Kean and Trump

Tom Kean Sr. vs. Donald Trump.

It’s come down to that in CD-7 – sort of.

Have you seen the latest ads on behalf of incumbent Democrat Tom Malinowski and Tom Kean Jr., his Republican challenger?

Let’s start with the Republican.

You knew the former governor, who left office with high approval rates, was going to get involved in his son’s campaign.

And here he is in the latest ad staring into the camera and talking about the need for leaders with decency and character who can span the partisan divide.

“Leaders like Tom,” the former governor says. Kean Sr. says he’s proud of his son and he knows that voters will be proud of him as a congressman.

The ad ends with a theatrical touch. Here is the candidate hurling a stick for a dog to retrieve – in slow motion no less. It looks all the world like a video of a star QB throwing a TD pass in a championship game.

The Malinowski ad is a bit more hard-edged.

He spends his 30 seconds linking Kean Jr. to the president.

Here is Trump ridiculing a disabled reporter and talking about good people on both sides after Charlottesville.

And it is pointed out that Trump wants to strip people of health insurance by getting rid of the Affordable Care Act and that he opposes a woman’s right to choose.

No matter what, “Kean has his back,” the narrator says of the congressional candidate and the president.

Political ads don’t usually offer many subtleties, but this one draws a distinction between the bombastic president and the genteel Tom Kean Jr.

“Different styles, but the same where it counts,” it says.

Kean Jr. appeared on a Fox News program the other night above a caption that reported on polls saying Democrats are favored to keep their House majority.

When it comes to winning in CD-7, the younger Kean clearly thinks his father can help.

Perhaps he can, but here’s a pertinent question:

What’s a more common feeling across New Jersey these days – admiration for the elder Kean or dislike for the president?

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