Senator Booker Announces Endorsement of Councilwoman McIver

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) announced his endorsement of LaMonica McIver in her re-election bid for


Central Ward Council.  McIver who ran and won in 2018 is seeking a second term. In the video, Senator Booker speaks about why he supports Councilwoman McIver.

“I am thrilled to endorse LaMonica McIver, an inspiring, energetic, and talented young leader and Councilwoman, to represent my home ward, the Central Ward of Newark. In 2018, LaMonica became the youngest woman elected to Newark’s City Council, and during her first term she has continued to impress and inspire us with her commitment to service. In our community’s time of need, she stepped up in a big way, leading a full relief effort and going door to door to provide warm meals and supplies to keep people safe during the pandemic. A shining example of proactive and dependable leadership, LaMonica is helping build a more vibrant community and stronger future in the place she was born and raised, improving the quality of life for Central Ward residents and all of Newark. It is urgent we re-elect LaMonica McIver to keep the Central Ward moving forward.”

“I am thankful for Senator Booker’s words. As a former Central Ward Councilperson,” said McIver, he knows how important it is to have consistent leadership in the constantly evolving Central Ward. I am thrilled to have his support for my re-election.”


The campaign has posted the video on its Web site. To view the video, in its entirety, click on the link below-

Shawn McCray, McIver’s opponent, offered the following in response to Booker’s endorsement:

“I’m not surprised, I would’ve thought he would’ve done it sooner. It doesn’t matter, the work still has to be done. If I’m not mistaken he also endorsed her in the runoff in 2018 and I fell short less than 300 votes. You can have politicians with names backing you,  Shawn McCray is a well known name in Newark NJ also. The people will have the last say in the Central Ward.”

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