Stanfield won’t Seek Reelection

Jean Stanfield

State Senator Jean Stanfield (R-8) won’t pursue reelection.

“I’ve had a long career where I’ve met thousands of amazing people. Most of my adult life has been dedicated to public service, and I’ll be forever grateful to have those opportunities and to the people who helped me along the way. This will be my last year in public office. It’s time to see what else life has in store,” Stanfield said.

Stanfield served as an assemblywoman in 2019 and was elected to the Senate in 2021. Prior to entering the statehouse, she was the sheriff of Burlington County for 18 years and the second woman sheriff in New Jersey’s history. The 8th Legislative District Senator also served as the Burlington County Undersheriff, Assistant Prosecutor and started her government service in the state’s Division on Civil Rights.

“Serving the public is not a job that should be taken lightly. It requires commitment and willingness to help every resident who needs it. Unfortunately, between recent health events and wanting to spend more time with my amazing family, I don’t feel as if I can dedicate the energy and time needed for another four years of service,” Stanfield continued.

Stanfield’s list of accomplishments are wide ranging – from safety programs she helped create as Sheriff to anti-human trafficking, veteran care, and senior affordability legislation she helped pass in the statehouse – her career has been dedicated to making sure people can live safely and freely in New Jersey.

“There isn’t a more genuine person I’ve ever met than Jean Stanfield. She’s been the North Star of the Burlington County Republican Party for decades – someone we could always rely on to point us in the right direction,” said Burlington County Chairman Sean Earlen.

“Unfortunately, Jean felt that next year will be her time to step aside and let someone else serve. It’s fitting to her personality that she would retire before allowing herself to give anything less than 100 percent to the people of this state,” Earlen continued.

Assemblyman Brandon Umba and Assemblyman Michael Torrissi, Stanfield’s running mates, who she shares an 8th District Office in Evesham with, also weighed in.

“Senator Stanfield is the best mentor a freshman legislator could hope to have. But well before getting to serve under her as an assemblyman, she was a friend and the brightest example of what a public servant should be. She spent her entire career with one goal in mind – helping people in need,” Umba said.

“I love Jean. I’ll always be thankful for the time I got to serve with her. She makes you a better person just by being around her because the last person you would ever want to let down is Jean Stanfield. Every elected official could learn a thing or two about the way she carries herself,” Torrissi said.



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