Steinhardt Pans Murphy’s Budget Address


NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt released the following statement in reaction to Governor Phil Murphy’s budget address:

“After the Governor’s 2020 budget address, it is clear that he has settled comfortably into accepting that New Jersey will always be unaffordable, and we will always be the nation’s number one exporter of jobs, businesses and family members. Phil Murphy is oddly at peace with the fact that our children can’t afford to start their lives here and our parents and grandparents can’t afford to retire here.

“Governor Murphy’s 2020 budget is built around yet another income tax. At $40 billion, it is the largest in New Jersey history and grew faster than the state’s gross domestic product. His communications team has been working overtime to try and sell New Jersey residents on the idea that if we only tax people who can “afford” it, he’ll have enough taxes to fund his radical, liberal agenda.

“New Jersey government has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. While the Governor is willing to mortgage and tax your family’s future for the cost of his sanctuary state, so-called “free” college and a host of special interest giveaways, the honest answer is, we can’t afford it.”

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  1. And as you begin your quest for Governor, everyone will say “Who?” No name recognition. Small base – what is left of the GOP after Christie destroyed it. No track record. Forget it!

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