Van Drew Looking at U.S. Senate Run

Van Drew tonight

U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-2) is taking a hard look at that senate seat that Democrats can’t untangle from Bob Menendez, says a source.

The feds indicted Menendez last week, but he insists on remaining in power over calls for him to resign.

Van Drew, a former Democrat turned Trump county rock-ribbed Republican, hails from Cape May County.

Donald Trump’s most vocal and sustained ally in New Jersey, his allies see him as particularly advantageously footed to make the case against Democrats.

It would be a hard statewide bench press for the South Jerseyan, but he would have the boost of a stout political alliance with Trump, if Trump occupies the top of the ticket. When Trump was president, he came to Wildwood expressly to offer a personal, open-armed welcome of Van Drew to the GOP.

The troubled former president leads most Republican polls for the nomination of his party in a 2024 rematch with incumbent President Joe Biden.

A couple of other GOP sources who might have otherwise been interested in running statewide next year confessed to InsiderNJ that they didn’t want the headache of the indicted former prez in the same cycle, let alone on the same ticket.

Van Drew, once kicked around as a potential VP candidate for Trump, has jumped into the roiling waters of Trump world with relish.

Just last week, the GOP congressman grilled Attorney General Merrick Garland in the House Judiciary Committee hearing on the internal memo labeling Catholics as violent extremists.

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4 responses to “Van Drew Looking at U.S. Senate Run”

  1. It should read “last week Attorney General Garland humiliated ‘absurd’ Rep. Van Drew on national tv.” That Van Drew considers himself senatorial is hilarious. He would even make Coach Tuberville look smart.

  2. It’s time for honest Conservative Republicans like Congressman Van Drew to be elected as a U.S. Senator from New Jersey. We’ve watched as our current crop of Democrats-Socialists in the NJ Legislature have enriched themselves and absconded with power in derogation of the rights of ALL New Jerseyans. They’ve failed to pass property tax reform of at least 50% reduction for the past 25 years. This is not only absurd, but is legislative malpractice, corruption, bribery, extortion, and racketeering.

    We’ve had too many allegations of corruption by our current two U.S. Senators. Where there’s a lot of smoke, the fire isn’t far behind.

  3. Sounds like Magat Von Drew wrote this under a pseudonym. For the record, it was Chief MAGAT, Dandy Don Trump who rescinded our property tax exemption. Said exemption was put into the tax code by Democrats. Keep dreaming….

  4. It will be a WELCOMED breath of fresh air if
    Congressman Jeff Van Drew decides to run for
    Senate. We (NJ) had been under the yoke of the
    Democrats way too long ! Hats off to you
    Congressman, good luck, God speed. We,
    Conservatives have your back !

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