Who’s Up and Who’s Down: Feds Try to Retread the Menendez Trial


Brian P. Stack

The Union City political animal this week picked up the support of North Bergen lion Nick Sacco toward Stack’s chairmanship of the Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO).

Steve Sweeney

With Stack all but assured installation as chairman of the HCDO, the senate president from Gloucester County will have a North Jersey ally supplanting foe Vincent Prieto, who in 2016 affirmed Hudson’s support for Phil Murphy over Sweeney for Governor. Then there’s Sweeney’s other ally – state Senator Nick Scutari (D-22) – making a move to secure the chairmanship of Union County. But that one, unlike Hudson, is volatile.

Mary Melfi

The New Jersey Association of Counties (NJAC) today swore the class act Hunterdon County Clerk in as the respected organization’s 77th President.

Linda Weber

The CD7 candidate scored the backing of Chair Peg Schaffer and the Somerset County Democratic Committee.

Matt Doherty

Governor Phil Murphy tapped the Belmar Mayor to head up the Motor Vehicle Commission.


Bob Menendez

The feds announced this week that they will attempt to retry the senior senator from New Jersey; and although a federal judge subsequently threw out the main bribery charges against him in a case that last year hung a jury of his peers, Menendez must still apparently contend with the machinations of courtroom politics while simultaneously trying to focus on his 2018 reelection bid.

The Bergen GOP

Under the fracture-riddled leadership of Bergen County Republican Organization Chairman Paul DiGaetano, the GOP, as noted in this story by InsiderNJ, still does not have a candidate for county executive, or freeholder prospects, with letters of intent due by Feb. 1st.

Phil Alagia

The politically savvy chief of staff to Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo weathered the collapse of his beloved Purple People Eaters to Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles in last Sunday’s NFC Championship Game.

The Backers of Trenton Mayor Eric Jackson

The dynamic Jackson came into office four years ago riding such hopes after the absolutely abysmal performance of jailed Mayor Tony Mack. But the church deacon with DPW street cred was never able to find his stride with the job, and today announced that he would not pursue reelection as Mayor of Trenton.

Tom Malinowski

Ok, it’s a set-back. The former assistant secretary of state under John Kerry made a gallant play for the line in Somerset County but lost to Weber last night. Still, Malinowski has raised over $500K toward his CD7 candidacy, far more than Weber, and – if he runs up “I am the natural successor to Obama” Message will be able to put the fledgling Somerset Democratic organization through its paces if he decides to run through the June Democratic Primary. Every indication is that he will. Then there are also those other unresolved counties, where the support for Weber by the likes of state Senator Joe Cryan, may shove state Senator Nick Scutari (D-22) more firmly into Malinowski’s corner. Other tids: going forward, Malinow has to be careful of straight-up Bernie Sanders progressive Peter Jacob stealing grassroots thunder (just as Weber will have to keep an eye on Westfield’s Lisa Mandleblatt cutting into her Indivisible quotient).Bottom line: Malinowski lost a battle on Thursday but the CD7 war is far from over.

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