New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and Senate President Steve Sweeney

Report: Murphy, Sweeney Reach Deal On Tax Incentive Program Caps

From an NJ Biz report: ‘Setting limits on the program, known as Grow New Jersey, has long been a point of contention in Trenton. Under the governor’s proposed cap, the state would award a set amount of tax breaks each year.’

Bramnick on the budget

Bramnick Won’t Run For Governor In ’21

Assembly Minority Leader Bramnick tweeted this morning that he’s not going to seek the GOP nomination for Governor next year:

Ciattarelli To Murphy: ‘Give Up Your Salary’

Jack Ciattarelli tweeted this morning that Governor Murphy should give up his salary:

‘Gov Murphy needs to give up his salary. 1/3 of all N.J. small businesses have closed for good, the unemployed are choosing between food & medication, and yet the guy who made $7 million LAST YEAR ALONE is still pocketing $175,000 a year from taxpayers? Give me a break. Better yet, as long as your shutdowns & business restrictions continue, give the taxpayers a break and give up your salary Governor. That’s what I would do.’

Names Emerge to Replace Councilman Song In Englewood Cliffs

Per the Englewood GOP:

Separately, the Mayor and Council will also discuss the abrupt resignation of Democrat Councilman Jimmy Song. The three names put forward by the Democrats for replacing Jimmy Song are: Ellen Park, Glenn Luciano and David DiGregorio.

Grayzel & Gyorfy to Serve as Morris Township Mayor, Deputy Mayor in 2021

Morris Township Deputy Mayor Jeff Grayzel and Committeeman Mark Gyorfy announce that they have the support of their colleagues on the Morris Township Committee to serve as mayor and deputy mayor in 2021. In the Township form of government, the mayor and deputy mayor are chosen by the Township Committee for one-year terms.

Jeff Grayzel, the former mayor, will return to leading the Committee next year. Incoming Deputy Mayor Mark Gyorfy has chaired the Township Committee’s Communications, Legislative, and Infrastructure standing committees over the past two years.

“I am proud to be returning as mayor in the coming year and continue to build on the foundation that Cathy Wilson, Mark Gyorfy, and I have worked hard to establish over the past two years,” said Grayzel. “We have undertaken numerous initiatives to improve the quality of life in Morris Township and will continue to address the issues our residents care about.”

Grayzel added, “I look forward to welcoming Bud Ravitz onto the Township Committee and continuing to work with Committeeman Peter Mancuso, Township Administrator Tim Quinn, and the rest of the fine team of employees we have in our municipality.”


Hammonton Republicans Endorse Ciattarelli for Governor

Gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli announced today that he has received the endorsement of the Hammonton Regular Republican Club – a critical Atlantic County GOP stronghold – along with the personal backing of Hammonton elected leaders and prominent Hammonton Republicans.

“Jack Ciattarelli understands that small towns like Hammonton are the backbone of New Jersey. Places where you can raise your family and be proud of your community.” said Hammonton Republican Councilman and County Clerk candidate Joe Giralo. “Phil Murphy and his taxes are damaging small towns like ours by increasing the burden on homeowners and businesses. We need common sense in Trenton, and Jack Ciattarelli will bring that and so much more.”

“As a business owner, I have operations in several states constantly under attack by new taxes and fees. But New Jersey is the toughest.” added fellow Hammonton Councilman Mike Torrissi. “Runaway property taxes and very little help from state government make New Jersey one of the least friendly places in the nation to operate a business. I want a Governor who will make New Jersey open for business and send Phil Murphy back to wherever he came from.”

“In Western Atlantic County many of our towns are bedroom communities where residents travel to Philadelphia or Atlantic City to work. We are also a hub of agriculture with growers, packing facilities and the businesses that support agricultural businesses. We need a Governor who will value what we have to offer in Atlantic County, which is access to the infrastructure needed for businesses to compete in today’s market and a Governor who will fight to keep the garden state green. With Jack Ciattarelli in Trenton I know Atlantic County will get a fair shot at businesses that can power our local economy and a partner in The State House. That’s why I am whole heartedly endorsing Jack Ciattarelli to be our next Governor,” said Freeholder Jim Bertino.

Hammonton Regular Republican Club President Otto Hernandez commented, “We’re happy to endorse Jack Ciattarelli because his vision for New Jersey is the right one. We need to draw a line in the sand when it comes to the radical policies of the Murphy administration and demand better of our leaders. I encourage other Republican clubs in Atlantic County to do the same so we can focus on beating Phil Murphy in November. Jack has a plan and we’re going to do whatever we can to help him win in November and execute on that plan next January.”

“Having had the benefit of being both a Councilperson and Board of Education member, you really see just how ineffective Phil Murphy has been in Trenton, especially when it comes to small towns like Hammonton. I’m a 5th generation Hammontonian, we have a proud history and Jack Ciattarelli understands us, he understands our values. That’s why we need him as our Governor.” said Mickey Pullia.

Ciattarelli concluded, “I’m proud to have the endorsement of so many respected conservative leaders from Hammonton.  Their support sends a strong message that Atlantic County Republicans are ready to fix New Jersey and our state party,” said Ciattarelli. “Let’s face it, Phil Murphy couldn’t find Hammonton without a GPS. To him, small towns in South Jersey don’t matter.  I’ve visited Hammonton’s blueberry farms to learn from growers about the impact they are facing from over-regulation and I’ve talked to the owners at Bagliani’s Market and other small businesses about the pressures they face because of Phil Murphy’s executive orders. Hammonton feels like home, and when I’m Governor, I won’t forget them or small towns like them.”

Also personally endorsing Ciattarelli are:

Freeholder Jim Bertino
Councilman Joe Giralo
Councilman Mike Torrissi
Hammonton Regular Republican Club President Otto Hernandez
Municipal Chair & HRRC First Vice President Lois Morano
Former Councilman Mickey Pullia
Former Hammonton Club President Frank DiMatteo
Board of Education Member John Lyons
County Committeeman Mike Woelfel
County Committeeman Richard Curcio

Senate Lion: LD27 Senator Dick Codey talks about NJEDA tax incentive programs

Codey Protests Lack of Committee Protocol

Governor Dick Codey, who sits on the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, today objected to a vote by the committee on A-4253, and recorded a protest “no” vote.

“The bill hasn’t been introduced,” said Codey. “There’s no urgent emergency here.”

The former governor and long-serving senator from Essex County added, “I don’t want to vote for them; it’s not within our purview unless it’s an emergency and I don’t see one.”


Councilman Sam Joshi raises $71,000 

Edison Council Vice President Sam Joshi raised $71,000 in the last four months. Election Law Enforcement Commission filing on Oct 15 showed Joshi raised $52,019 in the 3rd Quarter.
“I’m humbled by the support,” Joshi said. “Most were first time donations from Edison residents and business owners and it speaks volumes about my grassroots level of support. The funds will help me amplify my message and push an agenda with better outreach. None of the funds raised came from vendors, developers or traditional establishment contributors” said Joshi.

Murphy Spoke With Biden On Saturday Evening; Covered ‘Three Main Topics’

Governor Murphy says he spoke with President-elect Joe Biden on Saturday evening, calling the incoming president a ‘friend for many many years’ and is ‘looking forward to working with him once he takes the reigns of the federal government’.

During the ‘good conversation’, as Murphy said, the two covered three main topics: the pandemic, federal stimulus, and infrastructure, specifically the Gateway tunnel.

Murphy said Biden put together a ‘tremendously talented’ health policy team.

‘We’ve had extraordinary cooperation and partnership, it must be said, with the current administration’, Murphy said, noting he’s looking forward to a ‘good working relationship with them’ over the next six weeks.

Murphy expressed to Biden the need for federal stimulus funds, as well as infrastructure investment.  ‘I’m extremely hopeful that this project will move under President Biden’s administration, and I offer mine and our administration’s partnership in any way that is needed’.

Murphy said his team continues to have regular contact with the President-elect’s team, including  Biden’s incoming Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff.

‘The needs of New Jersey are being put front and center’ in the incoming administration, Murphy noted.


Murphy and Biden Discuss New Jersey Priorities

Governor Phil Murphy reported on a conversation he had with President-elect Joe Biden.
The two Democrats talked about the pandemic, the need for federal stimulus money and moving forward on infrastructure, specifically the long-delayed Gateway Tunnel project.
“The news that he has asked Anthony Fauci to stay on was a double shot of good news,” Murphy said.
Murphy wants a comprehensive stimulus package.
“More is needed. History [will] not dismiss us for going big and bold,” the governor said.

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