Atlantic County Numbers Show Roughly 2-1 D Advantage, but Much Work to be Done

In Atlantic County, battleground central for the CD2 contest, the Division of Elections has marked 86,000 ballots received and 22,000 counted.

To date, there is roughly a 2-1 Democrat over Republican advantage among those tallied ballots, but that is changing this week as more Republicans are expected to vote in the aftermath of a judge’s ruling Friday. Performance has also been less brisk overall in high-plurality Dem urban areas Atlantic City and Pleasantville.

The clerk’s office issued 180,000 ballots countywide.

Dems have a registration advantage over their rivals of 68K to 50K.

Philadelphia on Saturday

Pennsylvania Early Voting Results

Somerset Clerk Steve Peter.

Somerset VBM Totals to Date

Somerset County Clerk Steve Peter told InsiderNJ that his office has scanned in 101,650 VBMs, with about 10,000 still to input. Upwards of 4000 ballots coming in daily.

“I’m sticking with my estimated turnout of 180,000,” said Peter.
In 2016, the totals were 151K in Somerset.
Steve Adubato, Sr.

Steve Adubato, Jr. on the Passing of His Father

Murphy, left, and Trump.

Trump Lawsuit Against State’s Election Plans Dismissed

From Politico NJ: ‘A federal judge on Thursday tossed the Trump campaign’s lawsuit against New Jersey’s primarily mail-in election, ruling that most of its arguments were speculative and that the campaign failed to show how it being harmed.’

Report: Scutari Delays Hearing After COVID-19 Exposure

According to Politico NJ, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Nick Scutari has delayed a cannabis hearing after COVID-19 exposure.


DeLamater is the Murphy Saturday-contact Staffer Who Tested COVID-19 Positive

Mike DeLamater is the senior Murphy staffer who tested positive for COVID-19 and was in contact with Governor Phil Murphy this past Saturday.

DeLamater is Deputy Chief of Staff for Intergovernmental Affairs for the Murphy Administration.

In addition, this afternoon, Daniel Bryan, Senior Advisor to the Governor for Strategic Communications, tested positive for COVID-19. He took the test out of an abundance of caution and remains asymptomatic.

The contact tracing process is underway, and anyone, including members of press, believed to have exposure as defined by CDC guidelines will be notified. 


Millennials For NJ Announces Candidate Recipients of $1,000 Donations

Millennials For NJ announced the recipients of $1,000 donations from the PAC:

Rupande Mehta, NJ State Senate, LD25
Erin Delaney, Garfield Council
Mike Mangan, Manasquan Council
Ginamarie Espinoza and Eddie Freeman, Evesham Township Council
Rich DiCriscio, Northfield Council
Aisha Mahmood and John Titus, Parsippany Bd of Ed
Patrick Walsh, South Amboy Bd of Ed
Christopher Bauknight, Washington Borough Council
Dianne Bautista, Raritan Borough Council
Jenn Johnson, Middlesex Borough Council

Former NJ state Senator Ray Lesniak is scheduled to testify before Governor Phil Murphy’s NJEDA Task Force about tax incentives, weighing in on a discussion with "lots of voices, but little reason."

Lesniak to Testa: ‘If You were Running for Prez, I could Vote for You’

In their joust tonight, former state Senator Ray Lesniak checked rival Mike Testa for repeatedly going after Phil Murphy instead of Joe Biden.

Testa was playing Donald Trump and Lesniak Biden, but the Republican surrogate kept returning to his favorite statewide target.

“If you were running for president, I could vote for you,” Lesniak told the freshman state senator from Vineland.

Murphy, left, and Norcross simultaneously bow in the direction of Pelosi.

Murphy and Norcross: Perfect Together

Signaling their ongoing comfort zone in each other’s presence and up-ticking the buzz zone about a relaxed working environment despite past differences between Governor Phil Murphy and the congressman’s power broker brother, Murphy and U.S. Rep. Donald Norcross (D-1) will make a workforce development announcement tomorrow at Camden County College in Blackwood.

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