Insider NJ's Jay Lassiter chats with Lambertville Mayor Julia Fahl about the Democratic Presidential Debates in Detroit, Michigan.

Mayor’s Slate Loses in Lambertville

Two of the mayor’s allies lost in Lambertville tonight – two incumbents.

Albio Sires

Sires Shakes off Oseguera in CD8

U.S. Rep. Albio Sires (D-8) was on pace tonight to defeat his progressive-styled primary opponent, Hector Oseguera.

Preliminary Numbers from Mount Holly

Richter, left, and Gibbs

Ocean Versus Burlington in CD3

There’s low turnout at the polls in Mount Holly, the Burlington County seat.

In an Ocean versus Burlington GOp Primary for the right to go up against U.S. Rep. Andy Kim (R-3), Kate Gibbs’ minions are hunkered down in their downsized BurlCo HQ calling voters to try to drive them to the polls if they lost or forgot to mail their ballot. Her rival, David Richter didn’t have much infrastructure in BurlCo but has a lot of support/ground game in Ocean.

The conventional wisdom is that the financially well-connected Richter squeaks it out on the strength of his work in Ocean, but it will likely to be too close a contest to plant a definitive winner tonight, one source opined.

From left: Bennett, Cunningham, Harrison, and Kennedy.

CD2 Dynamics Late

CD2. What’s happening there at midday?

InsiderNJ talked to an operative on condition of anonymity with deep roots in the area.

“There seems to be a sense that Kennedy is the favorite, but given the nature of how voting is happening today there are a lot of unknowns,” said the source, referring to Amy Kennedy, who’s running in the democratic Primary to take on U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-2) in the general.

Has Will Cunningham done enough to be a factor?

“He could eat into Kennedy’s vote enough to swing it to [Brigid] Harrison,” said the source. “He is definitely gaining momentum, and I think is suddenly a viable alternative to [Kennedy] but probably too little too late to come out on top. …He’s clearly trending up, but the conventional wisdom would be that that just eats into Kennedy’s numbers.”

The source said the overall inability to really track numbers throughout the day, or to have any confidence in those numbers given the number of mail-in and dropbox votes, is leaving the campaigns largely in the dark today. “And of course comes down to how successful will the Callaways be in getting the vote out in AC and Pleasantville,” the source said.

The Election Day Line Outside BurlCo BOE to Drop off Ballots.


Singleton ‘Excited for the Next Challenge’

Senator Troy Singleton (D-7) announced his new gig on Facebook:

The veteran of the Carpenters’ union last week announced his departure and today made known his transition to the insurance business.

Kate Gibbs

Gibbs Endorsed by the Philadelphia Inquirer

This morning, the Philadelphia Inquirer endorsed Republican Kate Gibbs in the Third Congressional District. Citing Gibbs’ appeal to a wide array of voters, the Philadelphia Inquirer said:

“Gibbs is a mainstream Republican more in sync with her politically diverse district. Gibbs is savvy, yet her down-to-earth manner has served her well while explaining that her arrests for shoplifting, marijuana possession, and beer on the beach were little more than a young person’s misadventures. We take Gibbs at her word when she claims to have learned from her mistakes.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial Board joins House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, former Congressman Tom MacArthur, former Senator Diane Allen, Assemblyman Ryan Peters, Assemblywoman Jean Stanfield, and an enthusiastic group of New Jersey Republican leaders in supporting Gibbs.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial Board, and thank them for sitting down with me to discuss this race,” said Gibbs. “I am glad that they see what everyone else is increasingly seeing — that David Richter cannot attract the voters needed to cross the finish line in November. I am confident that I can appeal to a broad coalition of voters needed to win the general election and bring another true conservative voice to Washington D.C.”

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